Youth Football Futsal

The Football Association and Football Foundation have finally seen the light and launched a £300,000 fund to develop the sport of Futsal in England

Youth Football Futsal

Having attempted to replicate the youth structure commonly found in some of the footballing-great countries dotted around the continent, it’s refreshing to see that the FA have looked at Futsal as a way of improving the sport of football. This isn’t the first time the two governing bodies have looked to invest in Futsal – back in 2013, the Football Association pledged over £150million towards Futsal facilities around the country.

This time though, they are targeting younger participants in the sport. This is brilliant news for Futsal clubs around the country. Unfortunately, it has been a sub-sport of Football which has been looked down on in this country for some years. If it had been properly embraced years ago, we may already have had England internationals with the same level of technique as their continental counterparts. Much like we’ve been clamouring for over a decade.

Futsal is played on an indoor pitch, with both smaller goals and a smaller ball which is less bouncy. This fast-paced five-a-side version of the beautiful game has been played across the world – specifically South America and mainland Europe for years, and as such, is recognised by EUFA and FIFA.

Implementing and pushing Futsal as a sport will help those in the, younger, target area to go on to be better-rounded footballers. It would be foolish to doubt it as a small-balled version of five-a-side football, with many of the world’s past, and, current greats all putting their respective successes down to their learning of the beautiful game…via Futsal.

Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robinho, Neymar, and Hulk are just some of the top players around the globe who all put their success at the top level of football down to Futsal. The game teaches; dealing with the ball in tight spaces, spatial awareness, able to cope with less time on the ball, no breaks in play and making sure players are balanced in terms of both defence and attack.

Futsal clubs will undoubtedly benefit from this and could go on to build a strong position in the sports clubs market across the country. With the help of funding from The Football Association and Football Foundation, hopefully, this can become a reality much quicker.

The £300,000 fund will look to target specifically;

  • Youth Futsal from the age of 14+
  • Female Futsal from the ages of 12 to 18 years old.
  • Youth Futsal Leagues for clubs from U14’s to U18’s.
  • As well as select schools who offer community usage for their facilities.

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