Women’s World League Hockey 2017

England Top of the Pops!

Forget the football – if you want to see a successful team in action, check out how England’s Hockey Team performed during the Women’s World League Hockey 2017.

The team went on to finish 3rd after their 5-2 win over Argentina on Friday 23rd July.

This is great news for the sport of hockey in general, as international success tends to stir up interest in the game. While many people play hockey at school, it can fall away afterwards. But attracting more women into hockey after they leave school (and men too, it’s a great game for both sexes) makes sense. Hockey clubs all over the UK will be rejoicing in the attention the game is attracting and hoping the interest will be reflected in membership increases.

PaySubsOnline offers payments and admin software that can help clubs retain and expand their membership. It’s easy to use and involves minimum effort from club administrators, leaving them free to get on with what they love – running a sports club for passionate enthusiasts of hockey.

But don’t forget to keep your members engaged once they’ve registered – use our membership software for regular communication.  Keep everyone up-to-date. Offer them club updates, training advice or even top tips on staying fit and healthy… Hockey’s has numerous health and fitness benefits – here are just a few:

Hockey develops the body’s cardiovascular system:

When you play hockey, you need a constant stream of energy and muscular strength, and this helps your cardiovascular system – your lung and heart, supplying the body with oxygen. When plenty of oxygen gets pumped around the body, this helps improve breathing and cellular activity.

Hockey develops coordination skills:

As you might guess, to play hockey you need good coordination skills, such as matching up what your hands and legs do to what you can see. Hockey is fast-paced, and players soon find their automatic responses and reactions improve. Regular practice and games help develop coordination skills, improve the hand-eye reflexes and make you fast on your feet.

Hockey improves the body’s muscle strength:

Hockey helps to improve both upper and lower body muscle strength. Most hockey players will tell you it’s an excellent lower body workout, strengthening the hamstrings, calf and hip muscles. But the upper body doesn’t miss out – triceps forearms, and shoulder muscles all benefit too.

Hockey fosters team spirit:

There’s no ‘I’ in the team, right? As a hockey player, you need to work in close collaboration with your team mates to win a game and stop your opponents. You also need to practise regularly with them. Club administrators should use membership software to promote the social values of hockey.

Hockey is good for fat burning:

If ever you want a reason to attract people to a sport, mention its calorie burning potential. And hockey is right up there with the best of them. Because hockey is fast-paced, it requires lots of short bursts of energy that burn massive amounts of calories interspaced with periods of moderate activity. This provides an “intervals” effect, allowing the body to keep burning calories at a high-intensity level even when the player goes back to the moderate pace. Win, win!

PaySubsOnline Hockey Club Management Software can make the facilitation of your club 100 percent easier. If you’d like to find out more about how it works, book a demo and discover what it’s like to manage your members, payments and communication online.


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