Case Study: Wise Players Choose Wisewood

The pride of Sheffield is a marker for football clubs across the UK

Wisewood Football Club

There’s a special football club born on seven hills with an ethos as strong as the finest Sheffield Steel. Wisewood is a source of great local pride, helping youngsters learn what being part of a team is all about. It helps to shape members’ character whilst being extremely well disciplined and inspiring. For anyone looking to start their own club, this is the beacon to follow. The club can boast more than 300 male and female players ranging from ages 7 – 18, and have two disability teams involving players from 16 to 64. Brian Smith founded the club in 1988, and he’s still an integral part of the setup, having seen steady growth over the years.

FA Chartered Club

Wisewood is a Registered FA Chartered Standard Community Club playing in the Sheffield and District Junior Leagues, Sheffield and Hallamshire Girls County League, and DB Bud Evans League. This visionary club has two main sites near to each other, though a local school pitch can be added to the five in regular use.

 A Labour of Love

Bev Parrott is the club’s dedicated Secretary who first got involved 11 years ago when her young son became a player there. “It’s a lovely club and there’s a great atmosphere here. My own son is now 21 and as so many people do, he eventually became interested in another sport. By this time, of course, I’d become really involved in the running of the club – it’s still a huge part of my life, and there’s a real sense of community and belonging here. We have a dedicated team of four – Steve Shepherd, Dave Smith and Claire Douglas, but we also have around 60 coaches with two or three people involved in each team. We even try and encourage potential referees, as they are an important part of the future, of course.”

Software to Benefit Any Club

Pay Subs Online’s football club management software is flexible and can help clubs in a variety of ways through its ability to simplify how things are done, Bev explains: “Every team would have its own bank account and be responsible for collecting its own subs. They would then transfer the subs to the club’s main bank account. The only problem was it would take time to receive the payments, and it wasn’t exactly a uniform process. We’d reach a point where we might be owed as much as £6,000 which would cause problems in terms of our own training ground fees and other costs. This wonderful software has eliminated all of that, and it’s even encouraged our teams to pay everything up front. The time it saves means they can all concentrate on doing what they enjoy – both training and playing football. I’m not sure just how much time it has saved exactly, but I know it’s a lot. It’s so simple to use and we now wonder how we managed without it in the past. Once it is set up, you’ll have much more time to concentrate on running your own club and strategy. So it will certainly have a knock-on effect. It gets a strong recommendation from us.”

A Role of Honour

With players in mind, it comes as no surprise to see a healthy number graduating all the way into professional sport. David Mirfin went on to play for Huddersfield Town, Scunthorpe United, Watford and is now at Mansfield Town. Adam Hurrell was signed by Swansea and now enjoys his football in Spain. Then there’s Richard O’Donnell who made appearances for Sheffield Wednesday, Bristol City, Wigan, and now Rotherham United. It should also be mentioned Alex Mettam switched sports to ice hockey becoming Netminder for the Bracknell Bee’s. We mustn’t forget professional football referee, Craig Pawson, either.

Bev says they are very proud of those names, but the most important thing is being inclusive with every member as they are just important as the last. “Everyone at any age can get a lot out of our club in terms of confidence, togetherness, working as a team and hopefully becoming a better human being as a result. If you don’t turn up for training, you won’t play. Our coaches are so highly regarded, all with, at least, an FA Level One Badge – they just can’t wait to get here. But, if some individuals do go on to play in a professional sport that’s a massive bonus of course. There’s always something going on here whether it be a dinner on Sportsman’s Eve or a Golf Day to raise funds, and the facilities are exceptional.”

Hands across the Water

Wisewood has a yearly joining together with their sister club DJK Adler Riemke of Bochum in Germany. This exciting exchange involves youngsters staying with families in either country, with visiting parents staying in local hotels. It’s open to anyone on a first come first served basis. “I’ve taken part in this myself,” said Bev. “Everyone gets so much out of this in terms of new friendships, experiencing life in another country, and of course, the football through specially organised games. This really is the jewel in our crown.”

The Conclusion

As you can clearly see, Wisewood is a model example of a sporting club – one with a proud past and exciting future. Here, at Pay Subs Online, we couldn’t be prouder to have helped with their success and be partnered with them.

If like Wisewood, you’d like to benefit from our services and (hopefully!) go on to achieve similar exceptional standards, we’d love for you to get in touch. In the meantime, though, take a tour of our software by clicking here and we are certain you’ll see the numerous benefits we can provide immediately.

To see Wisewood’s website, click here!

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