US Open Green Initiative

Considering the current natural disasters on their shores, it was a coincidence that the US Open also celebrated its tenth anniversary of its US Open Green Initiative.

US Open Green Initiative


Whilst some world leaders choose to live in ignorance regarding climate change, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) has celebrated their tenth anniversary of their go green push.

It all came about when the naming rights went to Billie Jean King, who, straight away put forward her desire to go green. Eco Evolutions’, Bina Indelicato, said that “The USTA decided to hire an environmental consultant [where they came in].”

Remarkably, she was able to prove just how much they’ve helped the ever-growing global issue – “When we started out we were recycling maybe 18 percent and now we’re over 90 percent!” Even if you are on the fence with the issue, it is an undeniably commendable effort by USTA, worthy of praise.

Here are a few statistics of what the USTA has managed to implement;

  • 90% of all US Open waste will be diverted from landfills
  • 12,000 gallons of grease from their kitchens will be recycled
  • 60 tonnes of organic wastes also from the kitchens will be composted
  • 2.6 million plastic bottles recycled
  • 100 tonnes of food donated to local communities.
  • All of this had equated to enough energy credits to provide electricity to 1,600 homes for a YEAR.

The redevelopment process of the Stadium itself was also geared towards keeping everything environmentally friendly too;

  • 95% of the waste from the demolition of the original grandstand and stadium was recycled.
  • The New Louis Armstrong Stadium uses a whopping 40% less water
  • Designed to consume 25% less energy as its predecessor

Through their endeavours, over the last decade, these changes have seen the US Open reduce emissions by 94,000 metric tonnes. The USTA themselves can’t have even expected such an astronomical achievement on this front. They have really shown the other Grand Slams, and sporting stadiums in general, up, paving the way for other eco-friendly advances.

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