The RFL Parents Handbook

Offering the latest advice on a whole range of important issues.

RFL Parents Handbook

The popularity of Rugby League in the UK continues to soar as more and more people enjoy the modern game. The Super League, of course, is leading the way with competition between clubs getting more intense with each passing season. As a result, the grassroots are getting stronger enabling youngsters to get a feel for the sport at a very young age. In truth, Junior Rugby League is blossoming, paving the way not only for the stars of the future but also for the introduction of vital life skills.

Every well-known club now has a community department, charged with involving people of all ages in a range of fantastic events aimed at bringing individuals together. However, it’s the children who stand to benefit most from the games’ infrastructure. Seeing as we live in a more demanding world where the safety of youngsters is paramount, a special handbook aimed at all parents and guardians has been produced. This handbook covers children and young people playing Club Rugby League at all levels – from Primary to the Academy level upwards.

The RFL Parents Handbook forms a key part of the Rugby Football League’s ‘Duty of Care’ to all players, at all ages and levels. Brilliantly put together, it takes the reader through the essential journey any child will make through the game. It comprehensively takes in those choices open to young people and their families, and the support available from the club and educational providers. If you’re a parent or carer (of any sort) overseeing your loved one taking up the sport, this really is essential and intelligent reading. It is particularly important for the families of talented young players making important decisions about the next stage in their playing and education.

Of course, just like in the rugby union code, it’s sometimes cited as being a dangerous physical sport, despite being extremely well governed in terms of safety. Officials and everyone associated with organised games and sessions are very aware of this – In reality, rugby league is no more dangerous than football most of the time.

Generally, the RFL Parents Handbook offers the latest advice on a whole range of important issues. For those looking to take up the sport from scratch as well, you’ll find hundreds of clubs online in your local area looking to welcome new faces.”Parents and families are the most important form of support to children and young people in Rugby League,” says Anthony Atherton, National Talent and Participation Manager at the Rugby Football League.

Here at Pay Subs Online, we strongly recommend downloading a copy of the handbook which can be found at on their website, following a brief registration process to ensure complete confidence. You’ll then be able to receive the latest news on any developments within the game as well.

The book will be updated a number of times each year to keep everyone completely up to date on the game itself. The whole point is to help create better players on a long-term basis and healthier all-round competition. As in any walk of life, getting the basics right means the rest will follow.

Go to to download a copy of the RFL Parents Handbook.


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