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Without regular and timely income, it is unlikely your organisation will be able to function. So, we understand how important it is that payment collection is simple, easy and quick.

With PaySubsOnline.com, people can pre-authorise future payments, so each time money is due, it’s automatically collected, transferred to your organisation and then reconciled.

When someone pre-authorises payment, they are authorising your organisation to collect payment for them, and any other accounts linked to them (a sibling, for example), for any payment request your organisation wants paid online.

Pre-authorising payments is perfect for things such as ‘rolling’ memberships (where the subscription auto-renews), making instalment payments and smaller cash payments (to save the hassle of collecting and banking cash physically).

Debit / Credit Card or Direct Debit Payment – Which Is Right for You?

PaySubsOnline.com uses PayPal to process Debit / Credit Card payments and GoCardless to process Direct Debits (please note – Direct Debit payment is currently only available to UK clients).

Both these payment providers support pre-authorisation.

PayPal – payments can be pre-authorised by setting up a PayPal account and linking a funding source to it (i.e. a bank account, debit or credit card).

PayPal pre-authorisation agreements last for just 12 months and are therefore perfect for collecting instalment payments, term fees and ad-hoc amounts within a 12-month period. Once the 12-month period has expired, the person paying simply re-authorises the agreement and pre-authorised payment will resume as normal.

Because of the 12-month agreement period, PayPal pre-authorisation is not suitable for rolling memberships that auto-renew.

GoCardless – The major benefit of using GoCardless to collect pre-authorised payments is the agreement runs perpetually. So, it’s perfect for all types membership lengths be it monthly, annually, ‘rolling’ memberships, instalments, term fees, regular donations and ad-hoc payments.

In short – as long as the person paying is part of your organisation, you can request payment with ease and get paid promptly. Simple.

Pre-Authorisation in Action

Rolling Memberships: If your memberships are set to auto-renew (either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually) and you have setup a GoCardless account through PaySubsOnline.com, the system will only offer the Direct Debit payment option.

If you have not setup a GoCardless account, pre-authorisation will be paid via PayPal.

Again, PayPal’s pre-authorisation agreements only run for 12 months so we strongly recommend Direct Debit payment for all rolling memberships.

Instalments: If you have offered the option to pay by instalments, the system requires people to pre-authorise their payments so each time a payment becomes due, it’s automatically collected and reconciled.

For those who have pre-authorised payments, there are implications for the next payment request sent where instalments are enabled.

For example, if someone receives a payment request on the 9th of May 2018, opts to pay by instalments and sets up their pre-authorisation agreement and one year later the administrator sends out a payment request for next year’s fees with the option to pay by instalments. By default, the system will collect the first instalment from all people with an active pre-authorised agreement that have a history of paying by instalments. If the person paying has no history of paying by instalments and has pre-authorised payments, the system will collect the full amount.

If some/all people paying have pre-authorised payments, we recommend that you give notice of the impending payment request as people may have forgotten they pre-authorised future payments and get confused when they see money taken from their account.

Regular Donations and Running a 100 Club: Whilst, typically, PaySubsOnline.com is used to collect fees, it can also be used to collect and reconcile regular donations. This is great for fundraising or running a 100 Club.

This works in the same way as ‘rolling’ memberships whereby you can set how much you want to collect and the frequency. After payments are pre-authorised the money will be collected until the agreement is cancelled.

So, as you can see, PaySubsOnline.com provides a very quick, easy and convenient way to collect payments automatically online.

We understand the hassle late payments cause so we created a streamlined solution for people like you. We don’t like things to be complex.

To see first-hand how our admin management software can help your organisation, book a free, no-obligation consultation where we can discuss your needs and tailor a solution for you.

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