Product Update – May 2018

New and Improved Admin Management Software

Admin Management Software

On the 25th of May, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into effect.

In short, these require organisations dealing with people’s personal data to be more transparent and provide their contacts with greater access to it.

To help clients become GDPR compliant, we have added new functionality as well as enhancing pre-existing features to accommodate the new regulations.

To see what we have been up to throughout April and May, carry on reading – all the changes we have made are detailed below as well as a glimpse at some upcoming features…

New Feature: New Ways to Delete a Contact’s Information

What’s New…

The 5th principal of the GDPR is ‘Storage Limitation’ – shortly defined, this states you can ‘only retain information for a period that is reasonable’.

So, when a person gives notice they are leaving your organisation, you need to decide what information you need to retain and for how long – need being the keyword (this is typically defined in your Privacy Notice).

Reasons to retain personal information may be for accounting, safeguarding or insurance purposes. It may be the case you need to retain some, but not all, of the information.

When deleting a person from the database, you are now given the following options:

  • Delete personal data excluding first and last name
  • Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name and email history
  • Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name, email history and log data
  • Delete all information from the system

This is how you do it:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Master membership list’:

Admin Management Software

Step 2: Select the contacts that you wish to delete:

Admin Management Software

Step 3: You will now be presented with the four new deletion options:

Admin Management Software

Step 4: Finally, you will be asked to enter your initials as a safeguard before deletion – this helps eliminates any unintentional error:

Admin Management Software

Please note: You will not be able to recover any deleted information.

Why it’s Better…

Before, when you deleted a person’s data you lost all their financial information as well. This meant that your payment reports would show incorrect information against your received funds. The options below now give you much better control of how you want to handle the data.

Delete personal data excluding first and last name
By removing all personal data, excluding first and last name, the data subject (i.e. the contact on your database) is no longer identifiable when looking at their database record. This allows you to retain their record for a given purpose, for example, accounting.

Of course, you could go into a person’s record and delete all their field data manually, but we want to save you time.

Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name and email history
If you send emails containing personal information that, combined with the data subjects first and last name, can identify the individual, we recommend you select this option.

Delete personal data, excluding first name, last name, email history and log data
The system keeps logs of common admin tasks and who carries these out on the system. To help identify contacts in the logs, we use their email address which, combined with the first and last name, creates an identifiable record for a person. Option 3 allows you to delete these logs.

Delete all information from the system
If you are happy to delete all information relating to a contact, including payment information, select this option.

New Feature: Emails Have Their Own Page in a Person’s Record

What’s New…

Previously, emails a person received within the system had always been displayed at the bottom of their record. Now, they have their very own page accessible via the tool bar. To see a person’s email history, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Go into the record of a contact and hover over the ‘Member’ icon:

Admin Management Software

Step 2: Click on ‘Sent emails’:

Admin Management Software

You will now be able to see all emails sent via the system to them.

Admin Management Software

Why it’s Better…

The longer a contact is associated with your organisation, the more emails they will receive. Previously, this meant a contact’s record could go on and on as their email history was stored at the bottom of their record. By creating a dedicated ‘Sent emails’ page this means that the record will remain manageable.

We are also looking to add similar functionality for a contact’s Payment History.

New Feature: Ability to Delete Emails

What’s New…

You now have the ability to delete any email sent from the system.

To do this, first, you will need to follow the steps above to view a person’s ‘Sent emails’ – once there;

Step 1: Select the emails that you wish to delete by selecting the checkbox.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Delete email(s)’ icon on the toolbar:

Admin Management Software

New Feature: Privacy Notice Template

What’s New…

You now have the ability to not only save what information should be displayed in your Acceptance Terms, but you can also change the wording that is displayed on your Registration Page.

We have also moved the function from the bottom of the ‘Admin’ > ‘Forms’ page to the top.

Step 1: hover over the ‘Admin’ and select ‘Forms’.

Admin Management Software

Step 2: hover over the ‘Registration page’ icon and select ‘Acceptance terms’.

Admin Management Software

Step 3: you will now be presented with a box where you are able to insert your Terms and Conditions/Privacy Notice/Club rules, etc, and edit the description to reflect what you have inserted. This also allows you to display them on your registration forms.

We will shortly be rolling out the functionality for your Acceptance Terms to appear in people’s online accounts too.

Admin Management Software

Once you have written your Acceptance Terms, checked the box ‘Display on registration page’ they will display on your online registration page to be accepted. By default, this will be mandatory so they will need to be ticked by prospects to submit their registration successfully.

Admin Management Software

Why It’s Better…

Having the ability to edit the description of your Acceptance Terms allows you to have any relevant statements displayed.

Previously, the wording would always have been for ‘Terms and Conditions’ – now, you are able to state exactly what prospective registrants may be agreeing to such as a ‘Privacy Notice’.

GDPR Compliance: Consent Statements

Recently, we have sent all our clients an email containing templates for Consent Statements that you may wish to use to ensure you have the right agreements regarding GDPR. You can use these templates to add to your forms and have your contacts agree either on the registration page or direct from their online accounts.

Admin Management Software

These Consent Statements were created after liaising with an accredited GDPR consultant and our solicitor. By using them, you will be one step closer to GDPR compliance.

Download Templates…

To download our Consent Statement Templates, click here.

Disclaimer: the Consent Statements which were supplied to our clients are templates. They are intended to assist in dealing with the legal requirements to which you are subject. As they are general in nature, they cannot take into account precise circumstances and you must have them approved by your own legal adviser before you use them.

We disclaim all liability for their use if you do not receive proper legal advice before you use them.

Coming Soon…

Move from Multiple Groups…

Currently, the ‘move to new group’ option only allows you to move a contact from one group to multiple other groups.

The new functionality, when rolled out, will allow you to have a selection of all the groups that the contact is currently sitting in. This will allow you to select multiple groups the contact needs to be moved out of and immediately into the newly selected groups.

This will be useful, for example, when removing a contact out of all groups to an ‘ex-contacts’ group.

Search Bar for Partial Admin…

When you have full access rights, you have a search bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen which enables you to quickly search using a contact’s name, email address or membership number to find their record.

Admin Management Software

Soon, this functionality will be made available to those who only have partial admin rights within the system.


We hope you find all the new and improved functionality useful in achieving GDPR compliance.

If you are an existing client and have any questions regarding the new functionality, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

If you aren’t, currently, using the PaySubsOnline software but think the above functionality and enhancements (as well as a wide array of other features) could benefit your organisation, book a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here – we’d love to talk to you.

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