Membership Software Product Update: Sep – Oct 2014

Membership software - product update

September and October saw the busiest consecutive months ever here at  As well as supporting our customers during this busy time, we’ve completed the revamp of the Events section and added a neat feature to our membership software for exporting data.  Here’s the details:

New and Improved Events Section – now live!

Over the past few months, we have been rebuilding our events section to make it simpler to setup and manage events.  Setting up an event now works in the same way as setting up membership categories, optional extras, course, classes and fundraising appeals.

Below is a demo of how to setup an event that’s comprised of multiple categories, for example, a conference with members and non-member rates, age groups, gender, disciplines, events spread over different days etc.  We recommend clicking on the Settings icon and switching the video quality to HD.

And here’s how you setup an event that has no categories, for example, social events like an Award Evenings:

The vital ingredient to any event is the attendees, this video shows you how members and non-members register for an event with multiple categories:

And here’s the process for attendees registering for an event without categories:

You’ll see from the videos that we’ve added some new functionality so now:

  • One person can register multiple people for an event – great if you’re selling tickets to a social event.  And when one person registers multiple people you can choose to whether you want them to submit information for each attendee or just for the main contact.
  • You can copy categories when setting up and event – a great time saver if your event has multiple similar categories.
  • You can copy events – handy if you run frequent, similar events.
  • You can add and copy people to events in the same way as you can add and copy people to categories and groups.

To book a free one-to-one online demo of the events section, click here.

Membership software – Export Enhancements

From the Export feature in the Payment Reports, you can now save your export criteria so each time you come to do an export, you don’t have to select the fields and order them how you want them to appear each time.   Do it once, save and each time you come to do your export in the future, just load your saved export criteria.

Membership software - export criteria


Once we have feedback on this feature, we plan to add it to the Export function in the members section.

If you would like to see a demo of any of these new features or are considering switching your membership management online, please get in touch or book a free consultation today.


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