Membership Management Software – Product Update August 2014

Membership software - Updated

It’s been a while since our last product update so with the launch of the new blog, now seems a great time to publish the improvements we’ve been making to our membership management software.  In order of release, here’s what’s been going on:

New Interface – February 2014

After many months of development based on client feedback, we released a shiny new interface for to improve usability.  The result is a very modern, slick user experience that groups functionality in a logical and intuitive way so administrators can quickly and easily access information and carry out admin tasks. Here’s a flavour:Membership software - payment reports


Membership Categories – April 2014

Our new Membership Category functionality replaces the ‘old’ Subscription Groups and allows administrators to input settings that are specific to Membership Category’s (as opposed to setting up a Subscription Group which was much more generic to cater for different scenarios).

There are three major benefits to this new functionality:

  • Email templates: Each membership category now comes with its own set of email templates.  Depending on the settings of your membership category, email templates include Payment Request, Welcome email, Renewal Notification, Instalment Notifications and Overdue Payment Reminders.  So why’s this important?  Well, sometimes the content of your emails may need to vary depending on the type of membership category. For example, if you have a membership category for Juniors you may wish to address emails to the parent and include information relating to the junior section but for the Adult category the wording would be different.  Or perhaps you want to tell new Gold Members joining about privileges that don’t apply to other membership categories.  You get the idea!
  • Automated payment reminders: You can set the system to send out an automatic payment reminder after X number of days of payment being due.
  • Renewing a membership category: For Membership Category’s that are not set to auto-renew, at the beginning of the new membership period, you can now simply click on ‘Renew’ option adjacent to the category you want to renew.  The system will ask you to rename the membership category (for example, 2015 Annual Membership) and will automatically copy the category settings, email templates and forms from the previous membership period (there’s an option to edit / review the settings).  Then, simply choose to renew everyone in the ‘old’ membership category or just those that paid previously.  You can schedule a payment request to be sent straightaway or at a later date.  And that’s it – you’re membership renewal process now takes just a few seconds!

Membership management software - Renewals
For full details on Membership Category’s, click here.


Courses and Classes – May 2014

We now have a new process dedicated to setting up Courses and Classes.  Located under the Subscription Options menu option, you can select whether the Course/Class is an optional extra for your members and input settings like cost, early payment discount, email templates etc. You can then decide which sections of your membership can sign up for the Course/Class and attendees can register via the online registration page and from the payment page within the member login.

As with Membership Category’s, if you want to create another course and send a payment request to existing attendees who you know will be attending, you can by using the ‘Renew’ option.

For full details on Courses and Classes, click here.


Optional Extras revamp – June 2014

The Optional Extras functionality allows you to sell products and services over above membership.  To bring this option up to-date with the new interface, we’ve given it a refurb and added some new functionality. Here’s the details:

  • Select where to display the Optional Extra: Now you have the option to publish the Extra as a standalone option on the registration page, on the registration form of one of your groups / categories and / or in the member login.  This flexibility allows you to determine to whom you want to promote the Optional Extra to.
  • Enable option to buy multiple quantities of the Optional Extra: Previously, people could only make a one-off purchase of an Optional Extra.  Now, with this new functionality, they can buy the same Optional Extra multiple times.
  • Email templates: Like the new Membership Category feature, you can now setup email templates specifically for each Optional Extra you have so you can send relevant information for each Extra.
  • Description: You can now give the Optional Extra a description to appear above the option to select it.

Click here for more information on Optional Extras.


Group management – June 2014 membership management software system allows you to organise members in to groups.  For example, age groups, committees, volunteers etc.  We’ve added some extra functionality to the groups feature to help cut down on the admin of assigning new members in to groups.  For example:

A Junior Member registers for the ‘2014 Annual Membership’ category and is in the age group ‘Under 10’s.  To save administrators time of checking members details then, in this scenario, adding them to the Under 10s group manually, you can now insert the option to sign up for the Under 10s on the registration form of the ‘2014 Annual Membership’ category.  So as members register, they select their appropriate age group and get added to the membership category and age group automatically.  Of course, it doesn’t have to be age group, it can be any group.

We’ve also added a place for you to insert a description/instructions of what that group is for so it will appear above the option to register for it.

Members managemenet software - Groups

For full information on Creating Groups, click here.


Form builder – June 2014

We’ve made two improvements to the Form Builder page.  The first saves you time building forms as you can now Copy existing forms.  This is great when you’re creating a new Membership Category, Group, Course, Optional Extra etc.  Just select the form you want to copy and click.

Membership software - building online forms

The second improvement is you can now independently position the option to select Optional Extras, Courses, Classes, Groups, a Supporters Club and Donation Appeals anywhere on the forms.

Click here for more information on the Form Builder page.


Fundraising – July 2014 

With a focus on helping your organisation raise money, we’ve added two new Fundraising options to our membership management software that will make fundraising easy.

  • Supporters Club (also known as a 100 Club) is a form of lottery with a pre-set amount of numbered ‘tickets’, e.g. 100 tickets for a 100 Club. This number can vary to suit the size of your organisation, e.g. 200 tickets for a 200 Club and so on.Each month members pay a fixed subscription for their number. The number can either be of their choice, their membership number or a number allocated by the clubs administrator.At the end of each month, paid up members are entered in to the draw for their chance to win a share of the pot. This is typically 25% for the winner, 10% for second and the net amount going to your good cause.Running a 100 Club has traditionally been hard work with members having to setup standing orders and someone at the club having to check the bank account each month to make sure people have paid.  This can now be done online with Go to Fundraising in the main menu and select ‘Supporters Club’.  Complete the quick setup process and new members joining your organisation can opt to play as they register and existing members can login to their account to sign-up.Each month (or whatever frequency you decide), will collect and reconcile the payments automatically so you can see at a glance who’s paid before you make the draw.
  • Donations: This new Donation’s facility allows you to setup donation appeals so members can make one-off or regular donations.  Just give your appeal a name, tell why members should donate (this appears above the option to donate) and set whether it’s a one-off or regular donation.  If it’s a regular donation, you can set the collection frequency.  You can input a suggested donation and select which categories / groups you want to collect donations from and where the option to donate should appear – 1) as a standalone option on the registration page  2) On the registration form of a Membership Category / Group   3) On the payment page of the members online account.If you need to collect gift aid information for donations, no problem, you can create a form with the necessary fields for donors to complete when they donate.

Membership management software - Donation Appeals


Mass Update enhancement – August 14

You now can use the mass update tool to add people to new groups.  You may use this in conjunction with an exported query to update members groups.  Using the column heading ‘Group Name’ you can add a person to multiple groups, separating each group name with a semi-colon.


Events – Coming beginning of September  14

It’s been a long time coming but the new and improved events section is nearly done having undergone a complete overhaul and now benefits from a more simple intuitive workflow.  We’ve also worked in some new functionality that includes the ability for one person to register multiple people for an event (for example, buying tickets to a social event), the ability to copy categories and events.  You can now add people to events in the same way as you do when adding / copying people to membership categories and groups and members can now pay for events using our Direct Debit facility.


Membership management software - Events


Help Centre information for the Events section will be released when the new Events section goes live.


To find out more how membership management software can help your organisation, why not book a free consultation today?  We’ll take time to understand your current process and show you ways in which could help reduce membership administration.  Click here to book your appointment.

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