Chance To Shine Leading The Way

With the first – albeit ill-timed – Test Match having been played at Lords in September a few weeks back, Cricket is a sport looking to appeal to the masses again.

The tinkering with day/night matches, more One Day Internationals, and, plenty more T20 Cricket. At the elite level, it seems to be capturing the imagination and hearts of the people once more.

Chance To Shine Leading The Way

In the most important of stages where young children are introduced to the sport of Cricket and then progressed into joining amateur/local clubs, Chance To Shine have really led the way. Their work with Primary and Secondary school sees cricket introduced as part of the Physical Education schedule at said schools.

Once they’ve had the children introduced to the sport, the hope from Chance To Shine Headquarters is that the children will then progress to playing cricket outside of school. They help here too, providing a perfect transition to local clubs they also hold a rapport and partnership with in order to then get children playing competitive cricket on a grander scale.

Transition To Club Level Cricket

But, just how well is that transitional phase going? Well, last year saw 20,000 children go from school cricket to playing for their local club via Chance To shine, while since the initiative’s inception in 2005 there have been a huge 150,000 children who have made that transition to club cricket.

If those numbers weren’t good enough end-goals, then how about this…in a survey of children who were part of the campaign through their school, when asked who their favourite cricketer was, 42% of them said it was their Chance To Shine coach. If that doesn’t get you, then, you have no soul.

With this initiative doing so well, there are going to be boundless local cricket clubs who have influxes of players joining them. Whilst this is brilliant for the clubs around the country, it will also be putting more stress on the coaches of the respective clubs.

How? Because more members means more admin work. Ah…Yes, the dreaded paperwork and admin tasks that come with running any sporting club are often the achilles heel of many coaches.

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Andy Murray Battling Off The Court

He may well be out of the US Open, but, Andy Murray is still battling off the court. Yes, alongside his injuries the British No.1 is still actively acting and speaking up for gender equality in the sport.

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Prior to the US Open, Murray was questioned regarding Sam Querrey being the first American to make a Wimbledon semi-final since 2009. Murray’s response was blunt, and poignant, “Male player.” He responded. Alluding to the fact that there have been numerous times an American Women’s player has reached that stage.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is something which has risen to the forefront of the sport in recent years, and, Andy Murray is the leading figure in trying to help improve that equality. It isn’t going unnoticed either, Serena William’s recently stated that this support is widespread on the Ladies circuit, “I don’t think there’s a woman player – and there really shouldn’t be a female athlete – that is not totally supportive of Andy Murray.” Speaking about the aforementioned case, Serena said “He has spoken up for women’s issues and women’s rights, especially in tennis, forever and he does it again. That’s one thing that we love about him.”

Another case of Murray being the leading example for equality in the game is when he ‘shocked’ the tennis world when he appointed Amelie Mauresmo. Despite being a Grand Slam winner in her own right, the appointment wrongly raised eyebrows.

Although it was a short-term player-coach relationship between the two, it’s something Murray still values in his career. In hindsight, Murray has stated several times he now notices more in the reactions of those around him on the circuit.

In a shock admission, Murray mentioned an unnamed player-turned-coach had at the time of the Mauresmo appointment told him, “I love this game that you’re playing with the press, maybe you should tell them tomorrow that you’re considering working with a dog.”

Strong Female Figures

Considering Murray was also coached at an early age by his mother, Judy Murray, the anger this must have filled him with from a fellow professional would have been unbearable. It is perhaps, thanks these strong roots with strong female figures in his tennis career that Murray is now hoping there are changes to come.

The next taboo on Murray’s hit-list is to tackle the issue of female tennis coaches within the sport as a whole. It’s the same in football in the respect that there’s very few/next to no female coaches in the Men’s game, but, the Women’s game has a very heavy contingent of male coaches. This problem is indicative of the fact that no leading Men’s player has hired a female coach before, or, since Murray did so with Mauresmo.

That said, there are early signs of progression which the Scot believes aren’t sung highly enough at times. Tennis is for examples one of the few sports where the pay is comparable between Men and Women. All four of the Grand Slams have followed suit with one another and brought the tournament prizes to a much more equal playing field, Murray believes it’s something that needs to get more praise from those within the sport too, “That’s positive. We still have so many issues, but it’s something that tennis players should celebrate.”

It’s a shame for Murray that he wasn’t fit to play in the US Open, for himself, and, the rest of tennis. Plus, he would have had undoubtedly had more quick quips throughout the tournament in regards to gender equality.

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Women’s World League Hockey 2017

England Top of the Pops!

Forget the football – if you want to see a successful team in action, check out how England’s Hockey Team performed during the Women’s World League Hockey 2017.

The team went on to finish 3rd after their 5-2 win over Argentina on Friday 23rd July.

This is great news for the sport of hockey in general, as international success tends to stir up interest in the game. While many people play hockey at school, it can fall away afterwards. But attracting more women into hockey after they leave school (and men too, it’s a great game for both sexes) makes sense. Hockey clubs all over the UK will be rejoicing in the attention the game is attracting and hoping the interest will be reflected in membership increases.

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But don’t forget to keep your members engaged once they’ve registered – use our membership software for regular communication.  Keep everyone up-to-date. Offer them club updates, training advice or even top tips on staying fit and healthy… Hockey’s has numerous health and fitness benefits – here are just a few:

Hockey develops the body’s cardiovascular system:

When you play hockey, you need a constant stream of energy and muscular strength, and this helps your cardiovascular system – your lung and heart, supplying the body with oxygen. When plenty of oxygen gets pumped around the body, this helps improve breathing and cellular activity.

Hockey develops coordination skills:

As you might guess, to play hockey you need good coordination skills, such as matching up what your hands and legs do to what you can see. Hockey is fast-paced, and players soon find their automatic responses and reactions improve. Regular practice and games help develop coordination skills, improve the hand-eye reflexes and make you fast on your feet.

Hockey improves the body’s muscle strength:

Hockey helps to improve both upper and lower body muscle strength. Most hockey players will tell you it’s an excellent lower body workout, strengthening the hamstrings, calf and hip muscles. But the upper body doesn’t miss out – triceps forearms, and shoulder muscles all benefit too.

Hockey fosters team spirit:

There’s no ‘I’ in the team, right? As a hockey player, you need to work in close collaboration with your team mates to win a game and stop your opponents. You also need to practise regularly with them. Club administrators should use membership software to promote the social values of hockey.

Hockey is good for fat burning:

If ever you want a reason to attract people to a sport, mention its calorie burning potential. And hockey is right up there with the best of them. Because hockey is fast-paced, it requires lots of short bursts of energy that burn massive amounts of calories interspaced with periods of moderate activity. This provides an “intervals” effect, allowing the body to keep burning calories at a high-intensity level even when the player goes back to the moderate pace. Win, win!

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Hockey Fest 2017

Last week saw Hockey Fest return for its annual event

Hockey Fest 2017

Hockey Fest is all about more participation within the sport, and, inspiring local communities to play hockey. It sees clubs across the country opening their doors to the wider public to try and drum up interest and engagement within the clubs.

The sport of Hockey has seen a huge rise in participation across the country since the 2016 Olympics where the Team GB Ladies won Gold. This saw 23,5000 players attend the 2016 Hockey Fest, with only 2,500 of them being new to the sport.

Hockey Clubs opened themselves up for a celebratory open day event within their grounds. Last Summer, for example, saw just over 300 clubs host a Hockey Fest open-day at their club and an outstanding 89% of clubs said that the event had a positive impact on the club. An even higher 97% said they’ll be sure to take part in following years too.

Haverhill Hockey Club was one of the clubs who was excited in the build-up to the event, and outlined the key benefits for taking part, “Initiatives like this can certainly help bring new members in and we really need it, to be honest.”

Haverhill believe that Hockey Fest is a great way to tap into growing the participation levels in the sport which “is, generally, a growing sport after all the recent success of the national sides.”

One other club who went all out for the event was Rotherham who invited Team GB’s very own Barry Middleton down to their event, where he even took part in some coaching.

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Shapovalov Paves The Way

If you’re searching for rising stars of Tennis, look no further than Denis Shapovalov. The 18 year-old with Russian parentage, and, born in Israel is the up and coming face of Canadian, yes Canadian, Tennis.

Such a young age

At such a young age, Shapovalov has achieved so much in such a short space of time. For this reason, he is now held in such lofty expectations not just in Canada, but, around the world in the Tennis community.

Despite maintaining his life-long Tennis coach Adriano Fuoriva, he has also found tutorage elsewhere. Most noticeably, with world no.8 Dominic Thiem’s coach Günter Bresnik. Talking of the ‘transition’ he needed to jump up the rankings, Shapovalov said, “I’m at a stage where I need a transition coach to get me from 250 to top 50 in the world. I think Günter is a guy that can do that. I’m doing a trial period with him.”

A trial period working with one of the best coaches in the sport, and, training with the brilliant Dominic Thiem and David Goffin will have no doubt impacted the way the young Canadian progresses in the sport. If not anything, it will be brilliant experience for him as he pushes on in his career.

One of the standout moments for the young Canadian was winning the junior Wimbledon title, which he himself dubbed “the biggest tournament for me.” So, from a British perspective, where are our promising and exciting young talents? Why aren’t they winning the junior Wimbledon title at such a young age?

Kids want role models

It is something that Tennis Canada CEO Michael Downey is proud of, speaking before Shapovalov’s remarkable win over Rafa Nadal in the third round of the Roger’s Cup. “They’re going to be watching him play Rafa and they’re going to say, ‘I want to go out, I want to grow my hair a little longer, and I want to be Denis.’ That’s the inspiration. Kids want role models.”

Winning the competition would have seen Nadal return to the top and regain the no.1 spot, so it was by no means a throwaway game for the Spaniard. He was just beaten by the better man on the day, which led to Nadal being gracious in defeat, stating post-match, “Denis played well, he has great potential and I wish him all the best. He has everything to become a great player.”

We must applaud the Canadian Tennis programme, to have so many up and coming talents, with Denis Shapovalov set to step into the limelight. Is there something down the line which can be replicated by British Tennis?

We’ll have to wait and see. Who knows, in the next few months a British hopeful can start forcing their way through, and maybe, just maybe, use the Wimbledon junior Championships as a springboard for their career too.

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Rugby Union Laws To Undergo Overhaul

There’s little doubt Rugby Union is a fascinating game to follow especially if you understand the laws of the game.

It can take some time however, for students of the sport to become fully aware of all the individual rules. You may even argue things can get quite complicated reading through the various sections and given the high number of laws involved. It’s sometimes understandable their interpretation can get a little clouded at times.

A number of controversial refereeing decisions in the Test series between the All Blacks and the British & Irish Lions, prompted Steve Hansen to call for simpler laws and their correct interpretation. With this in mind, World Rugby has commissioned a technical group to overhaul its law book. In fact, this could result in the publication being reduced by 50 per cent.

Groundbreaking Changes Set To Win New Fans

The whole aim of this of course, is to make the game easier to understand, and naturally it’s fast becoming a huge talking point both within and outside of the game. New Zealand Rugby has played a large part in this process nominating high-performance referee manager, Rod Hill, to help oversee the project.

The scheme also includes two representatives from South Africa, one from England and three from World Rugby. Their first meeting was in Edinburgh in February 2016. Following this, the group paired off, taking seven laws between them, before reporting back and peer-reviewing at the second meeting in San Francisco last July.

A special conference call meeting was held last September to finalise things. The ‘Laws Simplification Project’ is set to be completed by late 2018. It’s been confirmed the revised law book will be based on school years eight and nine comprehension levels, and will be run through computer software to ensure it complies with those levels.

Rugby Union Laws Starting From Scratch

Before this innovative revision of the laws is signed off, World Rugby will send it to all the national unions for feedback.

Rod Hill explained: “This project was about ‘starting from scratch’, and making sure it reads well, and to reshape the law book to get that as an outcome. What we’re looking for is: Is the intent of the law is still correct? Are there any glaring errors? We’ve reduced the number of words in the law book by 50 per cent.”

It seems over time changes which have been made are now regarded as piecemeal. In this case there were obvious exceptions here and there. Now, many of the laws have been tidied up and simplified so players, coaches and fans can fully understand what’s going on at any given time.

Chiefs coach Dave Rennie, soon to take over at the Glasgow Warriors Club is the other New Zealander on the panel.

He said:  “You know what coaches are like too, we find ways around the law. So less laws, less chances to do that.”

In terms of examples of changes, one of the variations will see the tackler being able to play the ball from his side of the gate only, and a change to what constitutes a ruck.

World Rugby will trial the seven new laws introduced at the U20 Championship on a global scale for the forthcoming 2017-18 season. With the sport of Rugby Union getting coverage as never before, the governing body is aware the move could possibly bring a new generation of fans to the table.

Understanding everything as it happens on the field of play will increase their enjoyment as spectators. It’s reported however, England are believed to be the only union opposed to the implementation of these laws on a trial basis.

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US Open Green Initiative

Considering the current natural disasters on their shores, it was a coincidence that the US Open also celebrated its tenth anniversary of its US Open Green Initiative.

US Open Green Initiative


Whilst some world leaders choose to live in ignorance regarding climate change, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) has celebrated their tenth anniversary of their go green push.

It all came about when the naming rights went to Billie Jean King, who, straight away put forward her desire to go green. Eco Evolutions’, Bina Indelicato, said that “The USTA decided to hire an environmental consultant [where they came in].”

Remarkably, she was able to prove just how much they’ve helped the ever-growing global issue – “When we started out we were recycling maybe 18 percent and now we’re over 90 percent!” Even if you are on the fence with the issue, it is an undeniably commendable effort by USTA, worthy of praise.

Here are a few statistics of what the USTA has managed to implement;

  • 90% of all US Open waste will be diverted from landfills
  • 12,000 gallons of grease from their kitchens will be recycled
  • 60 tonnes of organic wastes also from the kitchens will be composted
  • 2.6 million plastic bottles recycled
  • 100 tonnes of food donated to local communities.
  • All of this had equated to enough energy credits to provide electricity to 1,600 homes for a YEAR.

The redevelopment process of the Stadium itself was also geared towards keeping everything environmentally friendly too;

  • 95% of the waste from the demolition of the original grandstand and stadium was recycled.
  • The New Louis Armstrong Stadium uses a whopping 40% less water
  • Designed to consume 25% less energy as its predecessor

Through their endeavours, over the last decade, these changes have seen the US Open reduce emissions by 94,000 metric tonnes. The USTA themselves can’t have even expected such an astronomical achievement on this front. They have really shown the other Grand Slams, and sporting stadiums in general, up, paving the way for other eco-friendly advances.

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New Grass Roots Punishments Introduced in Football

Anyone who has experienced school football will confirm it can be a very difficult job refereeing proceedings with advice from parents ringing in your ears.

Sometimes, teachers can be the sole official. Take this up a notch to the grass roots game, and things can get decidedly worse. It’s nothing new, but sadly the situation has gradually worsened in recent times to the point some match officials have given up the game completely  because of the abuse they receive on a regular basis.

And it’s not just older referees either as Joe Craven explains: “I’m a grass-roots referee. I get offered a fight almost every week by players in my game. I have even been offered fights by coaches of junior teams after making decisions that did not go their team’s way. It’s disgraceful to act this way to a teenager who is simply doing it for a small match fee, and giving something back to the game.

The Football Association Take Drastic Action

There are many more stories like this one – enough for The Football Association to take drastic action. They’ve introduced stringent new measures in an attempt to stamp out this unruly and worrying behaviour.

Any player found guilty of assaulting any official can now expect to receive a minimum ban of five years from the game. Anyone who decides to make actual physical contact with an official can expect not only an 84-day ban, but also a £100 fine. In fact, any individual guilty of threatening officials can look forward to a minimum ban of 56 days or six matches.

While these offer stringent punishments they are actually only the bare minimum in terms of bans and fines. A commission will have the power to increase the sanctions depending on aggravating factors. The FA have been looking very closely at this long term problem, and as a result 32 grass roots leagues across England will also be trialling sin bins for the 2017-18 season.

Already a big success in rugby, there seems to be little reason why it can’t make a difference in football at all levels. It means players will have to spend 10 minutes out of the game if they’ve been shown a yellow card for dissent. In fairness at all levels, the pressure on match officials has never been greater. At the highest level, cameras at every angle capture everything these-days, so mistakes tend not to go un-noticed.

But the major concern seems to be the negative attitudes fostered by a minority of players, parents and coaches. It’s also about educating and setting an example to new generations of youngsters. Everyone likes to win, but winning at all costs is not of benefit to the beautiful game for sure.

New Governance Codes

The government is currently working with national governing bodies across the board sports creating new governance codes. New public-funding rounds begin next year. Sports Minister Tracey Crouch has said:  “We’ve made it clear that all sports governing bodies have to reform their governance codes.” The FA is not excluded from that and, if they don’t, they won’t get public funding. It’s as simple as that.“ The world is changing at pace, and nothing stands still. If football is to continue as a passionate and emotional game, it’s clear levels of respect all round must improve.

The new laws, to be introduced for the 2017-18 season, will apply to ‘step five’ – four tiers beneath the National League – and leagues below. This time next year, it’s hoped we will be able to analyse positive results from these new initiatives.

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Sharapova’s Failed Drug Test

It was controversial at the time and in the following 15 months it has hardly become any less so.

Sharapova’s Failed Drug Test

Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test has been a constant source of debate in the Tennis community and the sporting world as a whole. Now, she finds herself handed a wildcard entry into the US Open main draw.

Sharapova had returned to action in April but had been denied a wildcard entry for the French Open main and qualifying draws due to the failed drugs test. She was then in line to return at Wimbledon, where her world ranking saw her eligible to enter the draw, but, injury blocked her this time.

So, why is the rumbling on of this saga still such a controversial topic? Some believe that due to Sharapova’s failed drugs test, she is no longer the figure in the sport that she once was. If anything, they see her involvement in the sport as now having a negative impact. To a degree, you can agree.

However, given the circumstances, there has to be a huge amount of leniency now she’s ‘done her time’. The positives her return to Tennis, and, form can have on the sport and those young participants also need to be considered.

So, it is no surprise that the US Open had been the one to break the trend and grant the five-time Grand Slam winner a wildcard entry into the main draw. The United States Tennis Association was quick to state that the decision was “Consistent with past practice, a wildcard was provided to a past US champion who needed the wildcard for entry into the main draw.”

The decision has raised eyebrows, but, when you look at it in deeper context it could be ideal for all parties. The US Open will get more coverage and spark more conversation, whilst Sharapova is given a platform to build upon.

What’s more is that the ex-World no.1 has also said she will visit the USTA National Campus “about the importance of the tennis anti-doping program and the personal responsibility each player has to comply with the program’s requirements.” So not only is this ideal for both the USTA and Sharapova but, it is now also going to benefit the young talent coming through in the US.

For this reason alone, the decision to give Sharapova a wildcard entry is warranted. If she is back to anything near her best, a clean athlete and helps to convey the importance of the anti-doping rules and regulations set out by WADA, then she repays her ‘controversial’ wildcard entry tenfold.

The effect of having someone of her calibre who has failed a drugs test giving them a seminar, is much greater than having any clean athlete doing so. Who knows, she might even win the US Open and make it an even more pertinent subject, and, perhaps, less controversial!

There is more success to be gained from this than not, so, you have to give the USTA a lot of kudos for this decision. Given Sharapova isn’t a special inclusion, it’s the way that the US Open has always worked. Giving out wildcards to past Champions is commonplace. Having a former no.1 in the draw who failed a drugs test, coming in to give an anti-doping talk to the USTA National Campus, is not commonplace.

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The Wonder Of Wallsend Football Club

A world famous boys club shining a light for youngsters

There is a football club on Tyneside famous the world over for producing footballing stars. Alan Shearer, Steve Bruce, Lee Clark, Peter Beardsley and Steve Watson are prime examples. In total, more than 80 ex members have gone on to make their name in the professional game.

Wallsend Boys Club isn’t just about the beautiful game – it also offers young people the chance to achieve their potential through a range of activities and opportunities. Football of course, still dominates, but the entire organisation and ethos is geared up to helping youngsters develop their football skills, raise their aspirations, and become a great role model in their community and beyond.

The All-Inclusive Football Club

Everyone involved here in a support or supervisory role values and teaches young people the skills, respect and discipline, needed to become positive contributing members of society. Giving them a sense of pride, raising their self esteem and a sense of belonging to something special.

Producing top footballers runs parallel with producing good citizens. They have an incredible 30 teams ranging from those as young as three-years-old, to those over 40, all including girls, boys, men and women. All inclusive really does mean what it says in this homely part of the north east.

The people involved here offer members a sense of belonging, in a community constantly growing and thriving. Members often travel the length and breadth of the country, with some teams even venturing abroad.

The club has a fascinating and colourful history, spanning 109 years. Founded by the Swan Hunter Shipbuilders in 1904 on Station Road, Wallsend, to help educate apprentices and develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacity, it has remained a gem in the Newcastle Upon Tyne crown. Few boys club’s have been subject to the book treatment, but their own history is now on sale across the world.

“The mission statement of this club is to produce good citizens,” says chairman Steve Dale. The fact that many of those good citizens happen to be good footballers has been a phenomenal by-product.”

A Friendly & Safe Environment

The club regularly hosts open trials though no-one is turned away from what is a friendly and safe setup for every youngster. The truth is no-one here sets out to create footballing stars – they don’t turn away those with limited levels of ability. Instead, they do encourage the fun aspect of football and fully realise that keeping youngsters healthy and well balanced is most important. Such is the reputation of the club, parents bring youngsters from miles away.

Dale adds: “One of our former players summed it up recently when he said the reason Wallsend Boys Club deserves all the support it can muster is not so it can single-mindedly churn out professional footballers. More importantly, it touches the local community, it brings young boys and girls out ready to face the world positively and it improves their lives and those of their families in the process.”

The club colours worn here are based on the Brazil strip – a testament to producing individuals who play the game in the right way – there’s no kick and rush here.

These-days, though football plays a large part, an impressive range of activities are organised from this special place, including kayaking and days out across the region and beyond.  Youngsters are urged to challenge themselves, while having fun at the same time.

The fact three and four-year-olds are scoring goals here, is proof it’s never to early to start enjoying some sporting adventures. Fresh air takes on a brand new meaning, and there’s little doubt this is one area of life where everyone’s a winner. The wonder of Wallsend  goes on and on.

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