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A sneak peak at our upcoming functionality...

Hopefully, by now, you’ve had a chance to take a look at LoveAdmin (the new name for Now, it’s time to reveal some of the great new functionality that’s accompanying it.  Here’s what’s coming soon:

New Interface – going live next week

With LoveAdmin, you can customise the colours of the interface to match your organisation’s branding so the system will feel an integrated part of your online presence. Plus, we’ve made improvements to the navigation so you can get your admin done quicker than ever before.

If you’re an existing client, keep an eye out for an email being sent early next week containing details on how to login to your new LoveAdmin interface.

Awards Scheme – going live in December

If you run an awards scheme, you’ll be aware of the large amount of admin involved. LoveAdmin comes with pre-set schemes you can use or you can build your own. You can record:

  • Levels working towards
  • Skills worked on
  • Skills working on
  • Skills achieved / not achieved
  • Levels achieved

A New App for You and Your Members / Customers – going live in December

The world has gone mobile and now you can too with the new LoveAdmin app. We’ve got some great features coming soon but to start with, you can mark attendance and absence, record award scheme information and keep your own data up-to-date.

Your members / customers can also keep their details up to date, register for events, select optional extras and make payments.

Rota – going live in December

Making sure you have the right number of staff/volunteers in the right place at the right time is no small feat. And neither is tracking the hours they’ve worked. Our new Rota feature allows you to see cover at a glance, plus it calculates the hours worked and money due at the end of each month (or whenever you run your payroll).

New Knowledge Centre – going live Monday

At LoveAdmin, we constantly strive to provide a top class timely service that’s there when you need it. So we’ve restructured and re-written our entire Knowledge Centre and mapped the relevant help articles to the pages you’re on.

Coming soon – each help article will have a video tutorial so you can watch how things work.

Improved Email Delivery – going live in December

Even with the best technology and processes in place, sometimes there are no guarantee emails will get delivered. We can, however, give them the best possible chance with this new feature that allows us to send emails from your domain.

Why’s this better? Well, we send over 10,000,000 emails a year and some email service providers, like BT Internet, may consider emails sent in bulk as spam and limit email delivery. With this new functionality, you can permit us to send emails from your domain (for example, which can improve delivery rates.

We hope you’re as excited about this new functionality as we are! If you have any questions regarding the new functionality, get in touch.

You can email us at, or give us a ring on 01892 771 276.

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