Membership Software – Product Update November / December 2014

Membership software - product update

After the madness of the early autumn months, the relative calm of November and December allowed us to focus on some new enhancements to the our  membership software.  Here’s what we’ve been up to . . .

Cancelling Pre-authorisation 

As we know, members can pre-authorise the system to collect money from them when payment becomes due.  This is typical for rolling renewals and members opting to pay by instalments.  In the case of instalments, it’s useful for the administrator to have the ability to cancel the pre-authorisation agreements that were in place for the previous membership year so you can ‘start a fresh’ when you come round to requesting membership fees for the new membership year. We’ve now added that option in several places:

In the payment reports where you can filter on members that have pre-authorised, select them and cancel their pre-authorisation using the option on the tool bar:

Membership software - cancelling PA from payment reports


From within the members record (at the bottom above payment history):

Membership software - cancelling PA from members record


And from within the Members section where you can cancel pre-authorisation for an entire group/category or the entire master membership list without having to pre-select the members first:

Membership software - cancelling PA from members section


Cancelling pre-authorisation agreements works for both PayPal and Gocardless.

GoCardless Refunds

You can now refund GoCardless payments from within’s membership software.  You will need to activate that option first by going to Admin > Settings and ticking the box below:

Membership software - Gocardless refunds


Refunds via GoCardless take 2 -3 working days to clear in the members bank account.  Part refunds are not supported by GoCardless which means if you are refunding a payment request that was paid in the same transaction as another payment request, both payments will be refunded.  In this scenario, the system will show you which payment requests are linked.

PayPal Security

We have added an extra layer of security around linking a PayPal account to  Now, if the PayPal email ID is changed from the original one that was connected to Pay Subs Online then a notification email will be sent to all administrators with full access rights plus an email sent to the existing PayPal account email address to activate the change.  We’ve alsom added a PayPal log so you can see at any time whether a change has been made:

Membership software - PayPal log

If no changes have been made then it will show ‘No information to display’ in the log.

Switch to Member Login

A long time frustration for administrators has been the inability to see what a member sees when the member logs in to their account and experiences a problem.   So now we’ve added the option for administrators to ‘Switch to members login‘ so they can see and experience everything a member does.  You can access this option from within a members record:

Membership software - Switch to Member Login

This option is also great if you are setting up admin rights for a user and want to check to see what they see:

Membership software - Switch to Member Login - Admin rights

When you’re done looking at the members login, you simply switch back to your admin login.

Membership software - Switch to Admin login


We have added a new step in the process of setting up an event.  The new step is to create a payment request email that is used when an administrator adds a person to an event manually and needs to send a payment request email to them.  To save you having to potentially write the email several times over, we have created a template that can be used.

Membership software - Event payment request email

Access rights for events

After the recent overhaul of the events section, we have  updated the access rights for those managing events to reflect the new functionality.  Those with access rights to managing events will now, by default, be given access to the following features that will allow them to carry out their role:

Add new members/non-members (ie. an event participant)
Copy members to new destination – (ie, copy a person to an event)
Remove members – (ie. remove a person from an event)
Move members to new destination – (ie. move a person to an event)
Edit members information – (ie. edit information on an event participants form)
View outstanding payment requests from members account – (ie. to see if a person has an outstanding payment for an event)
Email members – (ie. send out an email to event participants)
Export members information – (ie. export event participants)
Payment report summary – (ie. view payment info for events)
Payment report summary – (as above)
Export payment report
Payment report summary – Print report
Payment report – detailed – View reports (ie. to view event participant data)
Payment report – detailed – Email (ie. to send payment reminders or general emails to participant)
Payment report – detailed – Delete payment requests
Payment report – detailed – Export screen data
Payment report – detailed – Print report
Payment requests waiting to be scheduled (to generate payment requests for anyone added to an event manually)

All the above options will automatically be selected when a person is given admin rights to events.  If you wish to remove any of the above rights, you can.

Expiry date logic

We have made a change to the way we calculate the expiry date for rolling renewals.  Previously, it was Renewal date minus one day (for example, a members membership was up for renewal on the 1st Jan, their expiry date would have been the 31st Dec).  The problem with this was a new expiry date was generated for the end of that membership period, regardless of whether the member had paid.  So in some instances, members were shown to be current members (because their future expiry date implied that) when in fact they weren’t because they had not paid for the new membership period.

So now the expiry date will only get updated once the member has paid for that membership period, otherwise it will show their old expiry date allowing administrators to see that their membership has lapsed.

New field – membership expiry date

Whilst updating the expiry date logic we took the opportunity to add the ‘Expiry date’ field as an option to insert in to a members record so you can see when that persons membership expires.  You can add that field by going to Admin > Forms – select the membership category form you want to add it to and select it from the list of pre-set fields on the left hand side, position to where you want it to appear on the form and save.

Chat Support

We’ve added a new support channel by adding ‘Chat’ to the site.  So if you get stuck or just have a general query about our membership software, just click on the ‘Chat with us‘ link in the bottom left of your screen and if we’re online, we’ll be able to help you there and then.


That’s it for now.  Thanks for all your feedback and support in 2014 and we look forward to helping you save time and increasing income in the year ahead.



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