Managing Membership Applications and Renewals with Club Software

Club Software

It goes without say that running your club efficiently and effectively will save you both time and money. But to do so you’ll need to consider ditching your old club software and instead adopting an integrated/end-to-end subscription management system. Because to effectively manage your membership you’ll need something that takes a new lead from initial interest through to signing up, payment, service provision and, when the time comes, renewal.

Make Membership Applications Easy

To make it easy for someone to sign up, you’ll need a simple way for a potential member to apply for membership. We recommend using a sign-up form created in your club management software, and embedding that into the relevant page on your website. This will mean you’ll easily be able to keep track of everything and automate the relevant parts of the application process. This will of course include managing the payment process, with members being able to pay online and receive automated notifications, managed by your software.

It’s also really important to make sure you communicate to new members the stage their application is at. Being able to communicate with them using an automated email provides potential new members with instant confirmation that their application is being dealt with and removes the need for administrators to compose individual messages for every stage of the membership process, saving you a great deal of time.

Make Renewals Attractive

One of the keys to member renewals is whether or not a member is satisfied with what the club is providing them. Often it will be quite easy to gain a renewal from a satisfied member but it’s very important to remember that satisfaction doesn’t just come from activity a few weeks before they are due for renewal. Member satisfaction should come from engagement and provision by your club over the whole cycle of a membership period.

During this time make sure you are regularly communicating with them, engaging them with relevant topics and information that adds value to their membership and getting feedback from them at every opportunity. Then, when it comes time to request renewal, begin the process in good time.

Starting the process a month before payment is required can be a good opportunity to remind them of all the great things they’ve experienced throughout their membership and perhaps offer additional value as part of a renewal. In essence making the renewal attractive and something that a member wants to do.

Make Renewals Painless

Once a member has committed to renewing, it will be vital that you make this as easy as possible for them to do. Make the key reminders automated and timely, with all the relevant information clearly laid out. Remind them of the benefits of continued membership at all the key points. And make the payment process itself as seamless and easy as possible. Losing members due to a convoluted payment system really is shooting yourself in the foot!

Ultimately, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible to sign up and join and in a way that you can easily track communications, as well as the membership stage of each person. Be continually communicating and use club software such as, to manage the whole process, so that you save as much time and money as possible, freeing up revenue to be invested in the club.

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