How Innovation Has Made Subscription Management Software A Must-Have

Subscription Management

Everyone has heard the expression, “You have to keep up with the times!” That saying also holds true for how you manage your membership organisation. The days of managing spreadsheets and paper forms are, thankfully, long gone. Software innovations are allowing membership organisations to move with the times and improve their subscription management.

You may just be dipping your toes into this software, or I may be preaching to the converted. But if you are still not sure of it’s benefits, read on to discover how it can keep your members satisfied and improve retention rates.

How Subscription Management Software Works

Imagine being able to give your members access to their accounts online? Having access to their accounts allows your members to update their information and pay their fees at their convenience. And I don’t need to tell you what a great time saving benefit that is!

Most providers, including, offer customisable options that allow you to tailor the system to your membership organisations needs.  With so many features and tools available, time consuming tasks like processing new registrations and renewals are done in a snap.

You can use the software to group members together for effective communication which  offers the potential for a higher yield from marketing strategies and events you may run. The ability to share data, generate reports, and run analytics with one platform increases productivity rates. The net result? The number of systems and processes needed to manage your membership is greatly reduced – saving you time and money.

Innovation and the Evolution of Membership Management

Innovation never sleeps and this is never truer than when it comes to online applications. Membership software has evolved significantly over the years. From being a simple payment gateway where members could pay their fees, to a fully integrated platform. Today’s software is feature rich including communications, marketing and fundraising tools.

One system – a multitude of uses.

The combination of cloud technology, secure payment methods and intuitive dashboards makes subscription software a real must have. And it continues to evolve.

As the world has begun to adopt smartphones and turn to tablets rather than desktops, technology has moved on too. Online software now offers the ability to be managed from anywhere and on any device. Membership secretaries and administrators are no longer tied to their desks. Now they can manage their members from anywhere they choose. On the train. At home in the garden. In the coffee shop down the road.

And if you can access the software anywhere, your members can too.

Why Your Members Will Thank You

It makes sense to combine tools for collecting payments, communications, sales and marketing into one membership management system.  Not only does it streamline your processes, it leaves little room for error. This a bonus for you and a big deal for your members too. They will be confident in the integrity of your organisation knowing that you have sound systems in place and their information is secure.

Having a convenient way for members to manage their accounts online and on different devices, removes the hassle of having to appear in-person. This alone can improve retention rates and will appeal to those thinking of joining . Most of all though, your members will be grateful for you investing in a membership management system. Not least because it means no lost paperwork or missing payments.

No matter the provider, subscription management software is a must-have if you want to manage your organisation and members effectively. Innovation has made it more accessible and more intuitive to the needs of today’s member-based organisations. If you think your organisation would benefit from switching to online membership software, why not give us a call and see a demo of how works or download the free guide below.

Subscription Management Software

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