Hockey Fest 2017

Last week saw Hockey Fest return for its annual event

Hockey Fest 2017

Hockey Fest is all about more participation within the sport, and, inspiring local communities to play hockey. It sees clubs across the country opening their doors to the wider public to try and drum up interest and engagement within the clubs.

The sport of Hockey has seen a huge rise in participation across the country since the 2016 Olympics where the Team GB Ladies won Gold. This saw 23,5000 players attend the 2016 Hockey Fest, with only 2,500 of them being new to the sport.

Hockey Clubs opened themselves up for a celebratory open day event within their grounds. Last Summer, for example, saw just over 300 clubs host a Hockey Fest open-day at their club and an outstanding 89% of clubs said that the event had a positive impact on the club. An even higher 97% said they’ll be sure to take part in following years too.

Haverhill Hockey Club was one of the clubs who was excited in the build-up to the event, and outlined the key benefits for taking part, “Initiatives like this can certainly help bring new members in and we really need it, to be honest.”

Haverhill believe that Hockey Fest is a great way to tap into growing the participation levels in the sport which “is, generally, a growing sport after all the recent success of the national sides.”

One other club who went all out for the event was Rotherham who invited Team GB’s very own Barry Middleton down to their event, where he even took part in some coaching.

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