Generating and Nurturing Leads With Membership Software

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In this modern age almost every organisation has a website to show what they do. It’s become a ‘must-have’ resource where interested people can delve deeper into understanding your organisation; from services and costs, to ethos and new events. Even if a potential lead has found out about you through offline means and word of mouth, they’re highly likely to take time getting to know you via your website.

Lead Magnets

Amongst all the great information you present about your organisation you’ll need to offer what we call ‘Lead Magnets’. If you’re not familiar with this term, in essence it is something of value to potential leads/website visitors which you offer in return for their contact information (typically an email address). There are various types of lead magnets, here are a few to get your ideas flowing:

  • An e-book.
  • A downloadable “kit”.
  • A video mini-series.
  • A free consultation.
  • An education email series.
  • A free trial.
  • A free invite to a live webinar

You’ll need to choose 1-3 lead magnets that best compliment your services and ones that you are able to create to a good standard. For instance, writing an email series may be much easier for you than producing a video series (or visa versa). Always take into account your monetary and human resources along with the time frames you’ve set for your goals, when choosing which lead magnet to create.

The good thing about this approach is that it is very easy to set up a lead capture form on your web page. So once your lead magnet is ready, get the signup form on your website and start collecting emails!

Generating Leads – A Quick Guide

Obviously the key element of this approach is driving as much relevant ‘traffic’ to your website as possible. Here’s a brief outline of the main channels you might use to bring leads to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In the good old days of web search, your website would be pretty much ranked highest if you had the highest number of links from other websites to your website for your particular search term. This was how Google decided whether your website was relevant to the searcher or not. Although this still plays a key part, these days Google define your website’s relevance by taking into account many more parameters. As part of this you’ll need to consider onsite and offsite optimisation and you’ll need to have a clear plan for generating genuinely useful content. It’s definitely worth talking to an expert on this topic to be sure you’re on the right track.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google advertising

PPC can be a great way of targeting your audience if your current organic search ranking isn’t particularly high. You’ll be able to target geographically and for key search terms and of course you’ll only pay for actual clicks that have been made!

Facebook advertising

This is a very similar approach to PPC but due to the huge amount of information Facebook collects on its members you’ll be able to target your advertising even more precisely, including gender, age range, interests and other key parameters.

Social Media

More recently social media plays a strong role in creating your online presence. You’ll be able to engage with potential leads via your own social channels and very often can offer your lead magnet from forms or links directly within your social pages or interactions.

Of course, all of this is always in conjunction with your offline promotional activities too. Whether that’s free events in the local community or leafleting and advertising in local publications. Always be telling others about what you do and wherever the opportunity arises, make sure you ask for their email address and give them your web address.

How to Nurture Your Leads

Once you’ve had someone sign up for your ‘lead magnet’ it’s safe to call them a warm lead and if you’ve automated your system they’ll immediately receive the free item you’ve offered them.  But don’t stop there, this is only the beginning of your relationship with them. You’ve now got permission to talk directly to them about your organisation and how you can make their life better! You’ll want to take steps to nurture these warm leads with the end goal of getting them signed up as members. Here are some ways that might make this easier for you:

Ask questions

Find out more about them by sending them a short survey, or simply send them an email asking more about their interests.

Segment your leads

Use the uniformation you have about your leads to segment them into different categories. For instance, gender, age, interests? The answers to your survey and segmentation will help you to communicate with them more appropriately.

Create relevance

If they’ve given you permission to talk to them via email be sure you continue to do so in a way that clearly represents what you do and the benefits of being a member. You can also discuss topics and send advice that may be supplementary to your organisation’s area of expertise.

Provide ongoing value

You’ve already sent a valuable lead magnet that your lead will be benefiting from. What could you do to provide ongoing value? Perhaps you could follow up with an additional series of emails that are supplementary to your initial offering.

Personalise messages

Make sure you speak directly to your leads. Use their name and use the information you have about them to talk directly to their interests.

Key Factors to Your Success

Finally, keep reminding your leads of your value and communicate and engage with them constantly, so that you remain on their mind. Make sure you reiterate the positive aspects and benefits of being a member and at times remind them of what they’re missing out on! Make sure you have a system in place that uses as much automation as possible, it may take a little while to set up but once the system is in place you’ll reap the benefits. And finally, be absolutely sure that at key points in your communication you make your offer and make it easy for your lead to buy!

How Can Help’s membership software allows you to build online forms that you can link to your ‘Lead magnet’ content. So as they click to download the content, the user is prompted to complete the form where you can capture specific interests (useful for providing relevant follow-up content).  After submission the system will automatically send the requested content by email and add the lead  to your online membership database where their interests are segmented based on the answers they gave on the registration form.

With the segmented prospect lists, you can nurture those leads by sending laser guided follow up emails using the group email tool.

If you would like to see an online demo of how can help you manage leads and members, click here to book your free consultation.


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