How Club Software Can Boost Event Participation

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In the past you might have organised an event through a mixture of offline and online activities. Perhaps you sent an email to promote your event but then took cash in exchange for a physical ticket at your club venue. Or maybe you accepted cheques via the post and then sent out the tickets by return.

These days however, the web has come of age and your members want to use what’s literally at their fingertips to make purchases and bookings as quickly and easily as possible.

If you’re able to provide this facility in a simple and easy a way for your members you’ll not only increase your event participation but you’ll also make life easier for your event manager, saving them time and money too (No need to buy stamps and envelopes when a simple email will do!). With our club software you’ll be able to manage the whole process online, making things a lot simpler for both you and your members.

Online Registration Benefits:

  • Making it easy for members

Members can simply login to their online account, click on the event and complete registration form.  Any information you currently hold on the member that is requested as part of the event sign-up, the system will pre-populate the event form with it.

  • Making it easier for non-members

It might be that you’re holding an ‘open’ event.  If you are, non-members can register via an event registration page we give you to embed directly into your website. This means that club members can go to a pre-determined sign-up page where the registration and payment process is managed automatically.

  • Making it easier for club/event managers.

Because the system is automated, event managers will only need to set up the event in the system once, along with the relevant emails for the signup and payment process.  And if you manage regular events, you can simply use the event Copy function that makes setting up new events super quick.

  • Creates time for marketing activities.

With the extra time created, event managers will be able to spend more time on marketing and promoting their event and will be able to use the club management software to write directly to existing members via email both en-mass or to targeted segments.

Here’s an example of how you could use our system:

  • Embed a signup/registration form into a unique web page (landing page) within your existing website so that it matches your club  style and non-members can register.
  • Send personalised e-invites to your members via the built-in email system and include a link in the member login page where existing members can login and register.
  • Include all the relevant details for registration and payment options.
  • Send automated booking confirmation via email.
  • Send follow up emails with event packs and reminders to make sure attendees show up.
  • Collect and store relevant information for future marketing and reference.

Using membership management software in this way creates an end to end solution that makes it easier for members to signup to an event and easier for your club/event manager to manage all the attendees. As the system is automated you’ll have time to spend on other more important activities. And you’ll be able to create multiple events with customisable forms for each event.  And if your event is made up of multiple categories, you can have different forms for the different categories.

Finally, after your event is finished you’ll have a significant amount of information about the engagement of your members, giving you the opportunity to better understand them, which you can ultimately relate back to understanding your member satisfaction levels.


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