Club Fundraising Ideas – How To Fundraise for your Club’s Next Big Project

Club fundraising ideas

It’s one of the biggest challenges you will face as a sports club – how to fund your next big project. But whether you are looking to purchase new sports equipment or may be renovate your facilities, raising the necessary funds needn’t be a chore with the right club fundraising ideas. The aim of this blog is to help enthuse and inspire your members towards a successful sports fundraiser and reaching your funding goal.

Setting Your Goals

It goes without saying that you need to determine your funding goal before choosing your club fundraising ideas. It’s important this figure is realistic. Set your sights too high and you may never reach your goal. You should also be aware of the detrimental impact of unrealistic targets; not only can they discourage your members, but your donors also, who may consider it pointless to donate if you have no chance of ever reaching your target.

You also need to consider how long your club fundraising campaign will run. Most fundraising campaigns will run for periods of a couple of weeks to a few months. Having an end date means you can capitalise on that ‘final push’ as you approach the end. With tools like the you can generate useful momentum by sending out membership wide emails letting them know how close you are to your target and inviting them to dig a little deeper to help you reach it.

Choosing The Right Type Of Club Fundraising Idea

This will be your biggest decision as it will impact the amount you can feasibly raise and the resources required to make it happen. Here, your choice of fundraiser will come down to that which offers the best return on investment (ROI). I say ‘best’ and not biggest, as fundraisers which cost more to organise (e.g. a family fun day) tend to generate the best returns. Run a comparison of previous club fundraising ideas your sports club has run, alongside other potential ideas and compare the ROI of each.

Some fundraisers may only generate small cash amounts over short periods, but are relatively inexpensive to run. For example a club lottery run through Paysubsonline membership management tool. If your fundraising goal is higher then it may be better to think big and choose a one-off event, such as a silent auction of high end goods. As you think over various ideas, consider the following:

  • What resources do you have available?
  • On what scale could you successfully run your fundraiser?
  • Will you need plenty of volunteers to help run and organise the event?
  • Will your fundraiser reach the wider community and bring in new members as well as donations?
  • Will you need third party resources, such as payment processors, and if so, what are the costs?
  • Will you need to raise your target funds within a certain timeframe?


3 Fundraising Ideas:

  • Crowdfunding:

A relatively new concept in fundraising, crowdfunding pitches your campaign to thousands of people a.k.a The Crowd, who can then pledge an amount of their choosing to help you reach your goal. There are numerous online crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Once you have set up your campaign page you can share it across your social networks and with your members so you can spread the word and get your campaign donations up and running.


  • Email Campaign:

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to potential donors is by email. However, you can only email people with whom you have an existing relationship, i.e. your members and any other donors who have agreed to being contacted by your sports club. If you are using software, such as to manage your membership, then you can easily run your email campaign through their system.  You can also use their club fundraising tools to accept regular and one-off donations.  People can simply login to their account and opt to donate.  If required, the system will ask them to complete a gift aid form, collect and reconcile the payment.

An email campaign can also be a good way to reignite interest in your sports club from those who have shown little interest recently or who stopped being paid members.


  • Host An Event:

If you have the facilities available then why not consider hosting a one-off event.  From a silent auction to wedding or craft fairs, or youth sport events which can involve the wider community. You will need to enlist the help of volunteers to keep costs down and you will need to look into licenses and regulations governing community events.

Fundraisers on any scale can be a challenge yet with proper planning, a realistic approach and the right tools there is no reason why your club fundraiser cannot be successful. To find out how’s software can help with your club fundraising ideas contact us for more information.


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