Successful Wimbledon, Successful Growth in Tennis

How arguably the greatest Tennis Championship in the world helps to promote a growth in Tennis

growth in tennis

It doesn’t matter what initiatives you bring into any level of sport, in any country, there is one thing that will always have a bigger impact than anything that can be put together by governing sporting bodies – the competitions themselves.

Tennis is no different and the LTA has introduced countless initiatives which have seen a rise in participation levels across the board – BUT – there is something which trumps these every year in the growth of tennis. The Wimbledon Championships (especially, when British players perform well and go far in the competition).

So, this year, we have to thank Andy Murray (yet again!) and Johanna Konta for doing so well in this year’s Championships in SW19. The fact that the pair also made history by becoming the first British pair to get through to the Semi-Finals since 1973 was also something which helped to spur on enthusiasm for the sport unsurprisingly.

Transforming British Tennis – LTA Grassoots Investment

Is it possible to think of a more aptly named initiative from the Lawn Tennis Association than, ‘Transforming British Tennis Together’? Nope, me neither.

LTA Invests In Grassroots Tennis Facilities

The LTA has announced it will be investing £250 million into grassroots tennis facilities across the country to help grow the sport. How? Well, this level of investment at a grassroots level will make the sport instantly more accessible, dependent on how the money is put to use.

More Tennis Courts, Greater Accessibility

The LTA is going to use the money to increase the number of courts which are both covered and floodlit by 50% – a huge increase. This in itself will make tennis an awful lot more accessible. How many times have you wanted to play tennis, yet the Great British summer doesn’t share your enthusiasm? This will no longer be a worry.

The money will also be invested into refurbishing tennis facilities up and down the country, meaning that courts are first and foremost playable, then nice enough to entice people into wanting to play on them.

This leads to the discussion of one way in which tennis has suffered compared to the accessibility of other sports – they’re much easier to play when you aren’t required to find a court.

However, the LTA has launched a website ‘’ which will act as your middleman. Not sure where your local court is? Need the contact number? Need to find out how to get there? It ticks all the boxes, which takes an awful lot of the ‘hassle’ out of it. Much like our club admin management system.

Investment Aims To Get More Children Into Tennis

Making it fundamentally easier to find a court and play tennis is a brilliant place to start – especially as the LTA is specifically aiming to double the number of children playing tennis, and double the number of times ‘infrequent’ adults play too. It’s a bold move, but the level of investment should aid the cause substantially.

The investment itself will be broken down as such: £125million coming straight from the LTA with the other half coming from those community networks who partner with the LTA to deliver on their initiatives, pledges, and aims.

You only have to look at one of the first trial areas, Sheffield, to see the success that Transforming British Tennis Together can bring to the sport. In Sheffield, they have seen a huge increase in participation of 53% since a £1.5 million investment was made across six specific tennis venues across the city.

A Community manager at one of these venues was keen to sing the praises of the initiative, saying, “The improved facilities mean I’ve seen more people playing and interested in taking lessons in our clubs, our parks, and at the university and college. I’ve particularly loved seeing more kids asking to play – and not just in the summer.”

If those results are possible in one city, imagine what this initiative could achieve when rolled out across the country. With any luck, the increase in participation will still be around the 50% mark which has been pinpointed by the LTA. If so, this will mark a massive success and could well lead to a budding future for the sport.


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Andy Murray Battling Off The Court

He may well be out of the US Open, but, Andy Murray is still battling off the court. Yes, alongside his injuries the British No.1 is still actively acting and speaking up for gender equality in the sport.

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Prior to the US Open, Murray was questioned regarding Sam Querrey being the first American to make a Wimbledon semi-final since 2009. Murray’s response was blunt, and poignant, “Male player.” He responded. Alluding to the fact that there have been numerous times an American Women’s player has reached that stage.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is something which has risen to the forefront of the sport in recent years, and, Andy Murray is the leading figure in trying to help improve that equality. It isn’t going unnoticed either, Serena William’s recently stated that this support is widespread on the Ladies circuit, “I don’t think there’s a woman player – and there really shouldn’t be a female athlete – that is not totally supportive of Andy Murray.” Speaking about the aforementioned case, Serena said “He has spoken up for women’s issues and women’s rights, especially in tennis, forever and he does it again. That’s one thing that we love about him.”

Another case of Murray being the leading example for equality in the game is when he ‘shocked’ the tennis world when he appointed Amelie Mauresmo. Despite being a Grand Slam winner in her own right, the appointment wrongly raised eyebrows.

Although it was a short-term player-coach relationship between the two, it’s something Murray still values in his career. In hindsight, Murray has stated several times he now notices more in the reactions of those around him on the circuit.

In a shock admission, Murray mentioned an unnamed player-turned-coach had at the time of the Mauresmo appointment told him, “I love this game that you’re playing with the press, maybe you should tell them tomorrow that you’re considering working with a dog.”

Strong Female Figures

Considering Murray was also coached at an early age by his mother, Judy Murray, the anger this must have filled him with from a fellow professional would have been unbearable. It is perhaps, thanks these strong roots with strong female figures in his tennis career that Murray is now hoping there are changes to come.

The next taboo on Murray’s hit-list is to tackle the issue of female tennis coaches within the sport as a whole. It’s the same in football in the respect that there’s very few/next to no female coaches in the Men’s game, but, the Women’s game has a very heavy contingent of male coaches. This problem is indicative of the fact that no leading Men’s player has hired a female coach before, or, since Murray did so with Mauresmo.

That said, there are early signs of progression which the Scot believes aren’t sung highly enough at times. Tennis is for examples one of the few sports where the pay is comparable between Men and Women. All four of the Grand Slams have followed suit with one another and brought the tournament prizes to a much more equal playing field, Murray believes it’s something that needs to get more praise from those within the sport too, “That’s positive. We still have so many issues, but it’s something that tennis players should celebrate.”

It’s a shame for Murray that he wasn’t fit to play in the US Open, for himself, and, the rest of tennis. Plus, he would have had undoubtedly had more quick quips throughout the tournament in regards to gender equality.

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Shapovalov Paves The Way

If you’re searching for rising stars of Tennis, look no further than Denis Shapovalov. The 18 year-old with Russian parentage, and, born in Israel is the up and coming face of Canadian, yes Canadian, Tennis.

Such a young age

At such a young age, Shapovalov has achieved so much in such a short space of time. For this reason, he is now held in such lofty expectations not just in Canada, but, around the world in the Tennis community.

Despite maintaining his life-long Tennis coach Adriano Fuoriva, he has also found tutorage elsewhere. Most noticeably, with world no.8 Dominic Thiem’s coach Günter Bresnik. Talking of the ‘transition’ he needed to jump up the rankings, Shapovalov said, “I’m at a stage where I need a transition coach to get me from 250 to top 50 in the world. I think Günter is a guy that can do that. I’m doing a trial period with him.”

A trial period working with one of the best coaches in the sport, and, training with the brilliant Dominic Thiem and David Goffin will have no doubt impacted the way the young Canadian progresses in the sport. If not anything, it will be brilliant experience for him as he pushes on in his career.

One of the standout moments for the young Canadian was winning the junior Wimbledon title, which he himself dubbed “the biggest tournament for me.” So, from a British perspective, where are our promising and exciting young talents? Why aren’t they winning the junior Wimbledon title at such a young age?

Kids want role models

It is something that Tennis Canada CEO Michael Downey is proud of, speaking before Shapovalov’s remarkable win over Rafa Nadal in the third round of the Roger’s Cup. “They’re going to be watching him play Rafa and they’re going to say, ‘I want to go out, I want to grow my hair a little longer, and I want to be Denis.’ That’s the inspiration. Kids want role models.”

Winning the competition would have seen Nadal return to the top and regain the no.1 spot, so it was by no means a throwaway game for the Spaniard. He was just beaten by the better man on the day, which led to Nadal being gracious in defeat, stating post-match, “Denis played well, he has great potential and I wish him all the best. He has everything to become a great player.”

We must applaud the Canadian Tennis programme, to have so many up and coming talents, with Denis Shapovalov set to step into the limelight. Is there something down the line which can be replicated by British Tennis?

We’ll have to wait and see. Who knows, in the next few months a British hopeful can start forcing their way through, and maybe, just maybe, use the Wimbledon junior Championships as a springboard for their career too.

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US Open Green Initiative

Considering the current natural disasters on their shores, it was a coincidence that the US Open also celebrated its tenth anniversary of its US Open Green Initiative.

US Open Green Initiative


Whilst some world leaders choose to live in ignorance regarding climate change, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) has celebrated their tenth anniversary of their go green push.

It all came about when the naming rights went to Billie Jean King, who, straight away put forward her desire to go green. Eco Evolutions’, Bina Indelicato, said that “The USTA decided to hire an environmental consultant [where they came in].”

Remarkably, she was able to prove just how much they’ve helped the ever-growing global issue – “When we started out we were recycling maybe 18 percent and now we’re over 90 percent!” Even if you are on the fence with the issue, it is an undeniably commendable effort by USTA, worthy of praise.

Here are a few statistics of what the USTA has managed to implement;

  • 90% of all US Open waste will be diverted from landfills
  • 12,000 gallons of grease from their kitchens will be recycled
  • 60 tonnes of organic wastes also from the kitchens will be composted
  • 2.6 million plastic bottles recycled
  • 100 tonnes of food donated to local communities.
  • All of this had equated to enough energy credits to provide electricity to 1,600 homes for a YEAR.

The redevelopment process of the Stadium itself was also geared towards keeping everything environmentally friendly too;

  • 95% of the waste from the demolition of the original grandstand and stadium was recycled.
  • The New Louis Armstrong Stadium uses a whopping 40% less water
  • Designed to consume 25% less energy as its predecessor

Through their endeavours, over the last decade, these changes have seen the US Open reduce emissions by 94,000 metric tonnes. The USTA themselves can’t have even expected such an astronomical achievement on this front. They have really shown the other Grand Slams, and sporting stadiums in general, up, paving the way for other eco-friendly advances.

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