Keeping on Top of Your Finances


Without money, your organisation can’t survive – fact.

Therefore, it’s important that you have a reliable system in place to keep track of your finances which also allows you to manage them with ease.

Luckily for you, PaySubsOnline has the solution!

Our admin management software offers an in-depth Payment Summary Report which allows you to see headline financial information for the accounting period-to-date and take snap-shot information for a time within your accounting period.

For example, ‘How much was paid from 1st March – 31st March’.

Through the Payment Summary Report, you can access the Detailed Payment Reports:

  • Across all payment requests issued
  • By individual payment requests
  • By ticking checkboxes next to payment request descriptions in a table and selecting which type of report you wish to see.

Here are some examples of the figures we can provide you with automatically:

Total paid for activity period

This figure is made up of all payments received within the activity date range set.

All You Need to Know About Lead and Linked Members

Online Membership System

Are you in the market for an online membership system which gives you the option to link members? If so, look no further – you’ve struck gold!


So.. “what are the benefits of linking members?” I hear you ask – here are a few listed below:

  • Members who are linked can login under the same security information, eliminating the need to remember multiple login details.
  • If a lead member chooses to pre-authorise payments, then all members who are linked to that lead member will also have their payments pre-authorised. This improves cash flow for your organisation, minimising missed payments.
  • If members are linked, you may wish to send only one email to the lead member rather than them all – our admin management software allows you to do this.

Lead Members:

Our online membership system allows members to be linked together. When members are linked, one becomes the lead member to which the others are linked. Lead and linked members have one common username and password – that of the lead.

When members login to their account, the lead members’ information will appear first in the ‘Member details’ section and an option in the menu bar will appear for clicking through to the linked members’ details too.

Customisable Online Forms with PaySubsOnline

Registrations, Renewals and More!

Admin Management Software

Does your club struggle to register new members online? Are your current forms all paper-based? Do you wish these things were different?

Well, look no further than PaySubsOnline – we have the solution. Our admin management software allows you to build online forms that are used to store information about your members and for new members to complete when registering online.


  • Our forms make it easier for prospective members to register with your club online, leading to increased membership.
  • Thanks to our form builder, all forms are fully customisable meaning you can replicate your current forms, or improve them.
  • With each group, there is the possibility for a unique form – if you want to have the same form as a different group though, they can be duplicated easily.
  • Our system allows for multiple forms to be edited at once by amending the ‘Master Form’ – this can save a huge amount of admin time.

How to Connect Your Website to Our Membership Management Software

Are you considering switching to a membership management software such as ours? If so, one of the things which may appeal to you is being able to connect your website to our software in order to embed forms and pages within it – doing this provides a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Connecting Your Website to Your Membership Management Software

  • People can register now online (no more filling in paper forms and posting them!)
  • As people register, they are added automatically to your membership database (you can choose to take payment at the point of registration or vet them first)
  • People will receive an automated welcome email
  • People can login to an online account where they can keep their own information up-to-date, register for events, make purchases and payments
  • Non-members can register for events too (if you allow them – the choice is yours!)

Here’s How You’d Do It

Step 1 – Login to your account and click on ‘Admin’ from the menu options at the top of the page – So far, so good we hope!

Step 2 – Towards the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page, you will see 3 URLs. One for the registration form, one for the member login page and one for the events page:

membership management software

Simply copy the URL you want to embed on your website.

Step 3 – Paste the URL into a <iframe> tag in the following manner which you can then alter the width and height for (Don’t worry, the pictures make it seem scarier than it is to do – no computer science degree needed here).

membership management software

Step 4 – Copy the <iframe> code into the body of your web page HTML source – it should look like the picture below.

membership management software

You may be wondering why you would want to go to the effort of doing this – perhaps you’re intimidated by the scary pictures which imply technological genius is required? Well, outlined below are some benefits of using these pages.

What You Can Do with Your Registration Form

People can register for:

       Membership Categories



       General Enquiries

       To purchase Optional Extras


Here is an example of a Pay Subs Online login page embedded on a members’ site:


If this sounds and looks like something your organisation could benefit from, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To book a free tour to see our management software in action first hand, click here.