PaySubsOnline Tips: How Do I Setup a GoCardless Account?

A quick, easy guide to online payment

online payment

If you hadn’t guessed already from our name, taking payment online is what we do well. In fact, we’re experts.

In order to provide the smooth online payment process that we do, we have partnered with both PayPal and GoCardless.

This article will run through how to setup a GoCardless account with ease.

What Do I Do?

To accept Direct Debit payments online through PaySubsOnline, you will need a GoCardless merchant account. Whilst at first glance this may seem a hassle, it is actually quick, free and easy to do.

Before we go any further though, please note that Direct Debit is currently only available to our UK clients (this currently does not include the Channel Islands).

Quick, Easy Direct Debit Payment with

direct debit payment

Without regular and timely income, it is unlikely your organisation will be able to function. So, we understand how important it is that payment collection is simple, easy and quick.

With, people can pre-authorise future payments, so each time money is due, it’s automatically collected, transferred to your organisation and then reconciled.

When someone pre-authorises payment, they are authorising your organisation to collect payment for them, and any other accounts linked to them (a sibling, for example), for any payment request your organisation wants paid online.

Pre-authorising payments is perfect for things such as ‘rolling’ memberships (where the subscription auto-renews), making instalment payments and smaller cash payments (to save the hassle of collecting and banking cash physically).

Debit / Credit Card or Direct Debit Payment – Which Is Right for You? uses PayPal to process Debit / Credit Card payments and GoCardless to process Direct Debits (please note – Direct Debit payment is currently only available to UK clients).

Both these payment providers support pre-authorisation.