Organising Members? Our Club Membership Management System Can Help!

Club Membership Management System

Originally, our club membership management system solely dealt with the taking and reconciling of payments. It soon became very clear that our clients wanted (and needed) more management than that. One of the most frequent requests we got was for member organisation and the creation of groups – we agreed this was important and made it happen.


  • Sending targeted emails to groups of people, improving communication.
  • Makes it easy to categorise people (e.g. different teams or ages)
  • Allows for the creation of waiting lists – this means prospective members can register their interest, meaning you don’t lose potential members.
  • Makes it easy to filter members within the payment screen – this leads to improved admin efficiency and cash flow as you can see who has and hasn’t paid in what group.
  • There are no limits to how many groups a member can be put in – the choice is yours!
  • Once a group is made, our system can copy its properties meaning you can quickly duplicate groups and then rename them / make minor adjustments with ease.