Chance To Shine Leading The Way

With the first – albeit ill-timed – Test Match having been played at Lords in September a few weeks back, Cricket is a sport looking to appeal to the masses again.

The tinkering with day/night matches, more One Day Internationals, and, plenty more T20 Cricket. At the elite level, it seems to be capturing the imagination and hearts of the people once more.

Chance To Shine Leading The Way

In the most important of stages where young children are introduced to the sport of Cricket and then progressed into joining amateur/local clubs, Chance To Shine have really led the way. Their work with Primary and Secondary school sees cricket introduced as part of the Physical Education schedule at said schools.

Once they’ve had the children introduced to the sport, the hope from Chance To Shine Headquarters is that the children will then progress to playing cricket outside of school. They help here too, providing a perfect transition to local clubs they also hold a rapport and partnership with in order to then get children playing competitive cricket on a grander scale.

Transition To Club Level Cricket

But, just how well is that transitional phase going? Well, last year saw 20,000 children go from school cricket to playing for their local club via Chance To shine, while since the initiative’s inception in 2005 there have been a huge 150,000 children who have made that transition to club cricket.

If those numbers weren’t good enough end-goals, then how about this…in a survey of children who were part of the campaign through their school, when asked who their favourite cricketer was, 42% of them said it was their Chance To Shine coach. If that doesn’t get you, then, you have no soul.

With this initiative doing so well, there are going to be boundless local cricket clubs who have influxes of players joining them. Whilst this is brilliant for the clubs around the country, it will also be putting more stress on the coaches of the respective clubs.

How? Because more members means more admin work. Ah…Yes, the dreaded paperwork and admin tasks that come with running any sporting club are often the achilles heel of many coaches.

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