Club Management – How To Manage Price Increases

club management

Price increases, sadly, are an inevitable part of running a club. Inflation, running costs, low member numbers, large or unexpected outlays, are all factors when it comes setting club fees, and will continue to impact the figure set.

It goes without saying that the fees you charge need to cover your club outgoings and expenses, all of which can rise without warning at any time. And an important part of your club management is the ability to cope with price hikes.

The aim of this post is to help you manage price increases and how to communicate an increase to your members.

New Membership Software For The New Year?

2016 membership management goals


Hopefully by now your festive hangovers have cleared and you are ready to implement all those new year resolutions you made. The start of a new year is often a good time to reflect on where things can be improved. Not just personally, but professionally as well. The same is true of your club or member organisation.

For many organisations, the new year begins with a raft of resolutions such as increasing member numbers, retaining existing ones and raising funds. Two key areas most will want to improve are administration and payment collections. Both of which can often be achieved through the adoption of membership software.

In this post we will look at why implementing such software should be top of your list and how it can help you better manage your membership.

Monitoring Member Satisfaction with Club Software

club software

In a previous post we discussed the importance of understanding member acquisition and retention. Some of that discussion revolved around the idea that it’s easier (and potentially less costly) to retain a satisfied member than it is to retain a dis-satisfied member. That being understood, we’re sure you’ll also see why it’s vital to satisfy a member over the entire course of their membership and not just make an attempt at satisfying them at the point of renewal (which can often appear as a cynical attempt to continue taking their money rather than to provide them with the service they’re looking for).

Avoid Member Record Errors With Online Club Management Software

Club management

Do you find keeping your membership records up-to date a challenge? Traditional club management software, such as spreadsheets and desktop databases, can provide way too much scope for errors and mis-entries. Missing info, spelling mistakes and outdated records are just some of the frustrations faced from trying to manage member information manually.

In this post we will explore how moving to an all-round online system to manage your membership records can help improve not only member records, but communications and club finances as well.

Online Club Management: Are You Making The Most Of Your Club Website?

Online Club Management

How’s your club website looking these days? Are you still running the free site you threw-up several years ago? Have you even looked at it lately? While it seems you have-to-have a website for your club these days, are you really making the most of it?

In today’s post we will look at the value of having a club website and how it can help your club management, as well as aid member recruitment, communications and retention.

Membership Management – Still Doing It Manually? Why It’s Time To Stop

membership management

The way in which you store and access your members information is one of the most crucial aspects of effective membership management. Whether you’re a club or another type of member organisation, the systems and processes you have in place for storing data, handling payments and managing communications are vital to the smooth running of your administration.

Computers and desktop software helped revolutionise the way we handle member information, and helped to organise the way processes are handled. But even this has it’s limitations. Today however, cloud technology has taken this to a new level, with integrated software, payment gateways and automation on many key administrative tasks.

So why are you still managing your members manually?

Club Management – Are You Creating Value For Your Members?

club management

How can you be sure your members are really getting the most from your club? People join clubs for different reasons, and not all will value the same things. This means there is no one solution for increasing member growth or retention that will resonate with each individual member.

There is however, a way you can determine those benefits and experiences that your members value the most. By knowing what your members value, and giving them more of it, you will not only improve your club management but potentially increase member retention and attract new people to join.

In this post we will look at what it means to give your members value and how you can measure their satisfaction at what you offer. Don’t just accept a cycle of losing members and picking up new one’s to replace them. Learn how you can create value for everyone and grow your membership.

When It’s Time to Switch to Membership Software

Membership Software

Once upon a time, there was a club administrator who battled with spreadsheets and an inefficient database. They struggled daily to update member information, balance payments and reconcile renewals. Then there was the mountain of member communications to send. For this club administrator, everyday was a marathon to stay on top of the paperwork.

Ok, so you get the picture! But it is easy to lose the battle against spreadsheets when you try to tackle membership management manually. Luckily, advances in membership software online now give you a significant advantage in winning the paperwork war. And, unlike spreadsheets, online access allows members to update their information themselves which will save you a heap of time.

Is it time you switched to software designed to handle the day-to day management of your club members?  Read on to discover why one simple software change could revolutionise your club administration.