How Club Software Can Boost Event Participation

club software

In the past you might have organised an event through a mixture of offline and online activities. Perhaps you sent an email to promote your event but then took cash in exchange for a physical ticket at your club venue. Or maybe you accepted cheques via the post and then sent out the tickets by return.

These days however, the web has come of age and your members want to use what’s literally at their fingertips to make purchases and bookings as quickly and easily as possible.

If you’re able to provide this facility in a simple and easy a way for your members you’ll not only increase your event participation but you’ll also make life easier for your event manager, saving them time and money too (No need to buy stamps and envelopes when a simple email will do!). With our club software you’ll be able to manage the whole process online, making things a lot simpler for both you and your members.

9 Tools and Resources For Quick and Easy Fundraisers

quick and easy fundraisers

Ahh, the club fundraiser. Months of brainstorming ideas, planning, coordinating, organising and promoting all with the aim of meeting your funding goals and raising awareness of your club. Is the end result all you hoped it would be? Has all the blood, sweat and tears been worth it? Truth is, often it isn’t the fundraiser itself that causes the most stress, but the way in which you plan, coordinate and organise it.

The aim of this post is to showcase a handful of tools and resources which can make your quick and easy fundraisers just that – quick and easy.

Club Fundraising Ideas – How To Fundraise for your Club’s Next Big Project

Club fundraising ideas

It’s one of the biggest challenges you will face as a sports club – how to fund your next big project. But whether you are looking to purchase new sports equipment or may be renovate your facilities, raising the necessary funds needn’t be a chore with the right club fundraising ideas. The aim of this blog is to help enthuse and inspire your members towards a successful sports fundraiser and reaching your funding goal.