Become a Member Magnet – How Can Aid Recruitment And Member Engagement

Membership Management Software

One of the biggest benefits of club management software is helping you to manage your club administration. But were you aware it could also help you engage with your members? In this post we will show you 4 features of which can help you with member engagement and even recruitment.

When It Comes to Increasing Your Numbers – Should Time Of Year Influence Your Subscription Management?

subscription management

Ever thought about what time of year would be most profitable to recruit new members? Have you always held membership drives at the same time each year, with disappointing results? They saying ‘timing is everything’ and it could apply to your club too.

Increasing your member numbers is an important part of your club duties. The aim of this post therefore is to demonstrate how your subscription management can be more effective with a little seasonal planning.

How Club Membership Software and Twitter Can Increase Membership

Club membership software - increase numbers

Running any type of club is no mean feat (especially without club membership software!). Besides managing your members and endless  paperwork to fill in, you also have the most important task to deal with – recruiting new members.

You probably feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall at times. How can getting people to join your club be so difficult? You do all of the right things, promotion, marketing, perks and events but the going can be tough.

Luckily you’re not on your own. All clubs have to overcome this hurdle at some point. The key is keeping an open mind and thinking outside of the box. Which is precisely what we’re doing today by sharing with you five ways the popular social media platform Twitter, can boost your membership numbers, raise your profile and increase club registrations.