Case Study – Hylands CASC

Hylands CASC

Whilst there are many admirable sports clubs in the UK which are worthy of recognition, Hylands Community Amateur Sports Club for us here at PaySubsOnline has always stood out.

Pioneered by Giorgio Bugnatelli, he has helped develop tennis in Hylands Park since 1990 before founding the Community Amateur Sports Club for non-profit in 2002. Because of his selfless and impressive work, he was awarded a British Empire Medal for charitable services – commenting on his award he said, “As a first-generation immigrant, it has always been important to me to contribute to my local community. I was clear at the outset that I wanted to set up a tennis club where young people could not only learn and play but also have the opportunity of developing as confident and balanced individuals. A place to play where we could create a community and not just money.”

As the club grew and began to offer more and more courses, naturally enquiries increased. Unfortunately, with increased interest comes increased administration which Hylands struggled to manage as the club is run by volunteers in their spare time.

Fortunately, PaySubsOnline was able to help.

To start, the software was able to help Hylands manage their enquiries by allowing members to register for classes online. The software also created waiting lists when classes became full and provided a central place for members to keep their information up-to-date.

More members and more classes meant more payments that needed collecting and reconciling. Giorgio said “before PaySubsOnline, we would literally have to go to the bank with pound coins and deposit all the money manually. The platform, PaySubsOnline, has been a Godsend since we adopted it because it has simplified matters enormously.”

One of the key benefits of the PaySubsOnline software is that it allows clubs, such as Hylands to take payments easily online. This eliminates the need for regular trips to the bank. And as each payment is reconciled through the system, the payment reports are updated automatically so administrators can view forecasted income, the total amount paid and any outstanding payments, making it easy to keep track of income which results in better cashflow.

Giorgio added  “In recent times, the LTA has also developed an online platform – in our view, PaySubsOnline has the edge down to the fact you can export accurate transaction reports which include the all-important ‘net receipts’ which are essential in avoiding overstating the accounts. As well as this, we can provide viewing rights to our Trustees which allows us to provide optimal transparency and eliminate the possibility of fraud or misappropriation of funds.”

Aside from all the technical benefits, Giorgio noted “As well as having great features, they also improve the software constantly which the user benefits from. This is on top of their blog, their updates and their first class after-service support which is an incredibly high standard – I can’t fault it”.

Since using PaySubsOnline, Hylands CASC has gone from strength to strength. Now they collect 25% more of their payments (which equates to an extra £1,000 per annum) and payment is collected 3x faster which drastically improves their cashflow. Most importantly though, Hylands CASC have now reduced their admin time by 60% allowing them to focus on running the club more effectively and do what they love most – engage a community and get them more involved in sports (across all ages!)

PaySubsOnline is very proud to be partnered with Hylands CASC and we wish them on-going success for the future!


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