Product Update –  August 2018

Product Update


To see what we have been up to, carry on reading this Product Update – the changes we have made are detailed below as well as a sneak peek at some exciting upcoming features and a look at some useful help articles…

New Enhancement: Mass Update/Import Contact

What’s New…

Previously, using the Mass Update or Import tool, the system could take some time to process the data (depending on the amount of contacts and data you’re uploading). We’ve improved the performance of this function by scheduling the processing of the data in the back-end whilst you continue to use the other administrative tools, making your time more productive.

The new enhancement to these areas adds the import or update file into a queue as well as displaying its status.

Product Update

Should something in your file not import or update correctly you can click on ‘Failed’ to see what the issue is.

Product Update

Product Update

Once completed, the system will show a ‘Request payment’ button so you can schedule/generate payment requests for anyone newly added to groups.

Why it’s Better…

Instead of waiting for the system to reload, unsure if anything is happening, the queue system allows you to continue with other tasks simultaneously.

Previously, once an upload/import was complete, it displayed the option to generate a payment request. However, now you have the ability to use other tools whilst the upload completes, the option to request payment appears as a link in the upload table so you can come back, click the link and purge the payment request when you’re ready. 


August Product Update – FAQ’s

Each month, our support team review which questions have been asked the most by clients over the phone, on chat and in the Help Desk.

Now, at the end of our Product Updates, we will be providing links to the Help Articles of the most Frequently Asked Questions of the month.

So, here are the most asked questions of August:

After the recent GDPR were implemented, it’s likely you’ll need members to give consent to various things.

To help you gain GDPR compliance, we have introduced a new type of field – ‘Acceptance’.

You can use the Acceptance field to collect consent from your members or their parent/guardian. When the field is completed, a timestamp will be displayed in their online account to inform them of when they gave their acceptance – this information is exportable and can be inserted into emails.

Members view:

Product Update

Email view:

Product Update

Export View:

Product Update


The most common reason a member cannot login is that they have ‘Non-member’ status or they are linked to a lead member who has ‘Non-member’ status.

The next most common reason that a member cannot login is that they haven’t successfully created a password.

To check whether the member has created a password and verified it go to ‘Member’ > ‘Sent emails’. The email shown below is what you will see if they have created a password – the ‘Clicked’ column needs to read ‘Yes’.

Please note – email history takes up to 10 minutes to refresh.

Product Update


Here are a few examples of some searches that we have found useful when helping others.

Filtering to find a juniors’ particular group:

Product Update

Are you looking to be ahead of the season and move your members up a year? You can filter on a members age ‘As of date’:

Product Update

Do you want to see a list of members who haven’t given their acceptance yet? Simply use the search below in the ‘Master membership list’:

Product Update

Coming Soon…

Members’ View Update – Enhancement

We recently updated the ‘Move member to new destination’ option so that you can move a member from multiple groups at the same time. Our new enhancement will add this function to two more areas:

‘Remove from group’ – this will allow you to remove members from more than one group at the same time.

Attendance History – Enhancement

Our last product update mentioned the enhancement to ‘Attendance History’. The good news is, we are almost there! Here is a sneak peak at what we will be adding:

The new Attendance History allows you to delete a class (or any other type of group) without losing a member’s attendance history.

You will be able to view member’s attendance, for all classes they’ve attended, within their record:

Product Update


If you want to view attendance for the entire class, you can do that under Admin > Attendance Register > Attendance History:

Product Update


We hope you find the new and improved functionality useful.

If you are an existing client and have any questions regarding the new functionality outlined in this Product Update, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you aren’t currently using the PaySubsOnline software but think the above functionality and enhancements (as well as a wide array of other features) could benefit your organisation, book a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here – we’d love to talk to you!

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