5 Membership Management New Year Resolutions You Need To Keep

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New Year resolutions – not the first thing you would consider planning for your membership organisation. Usually we associate them with personal goals and targets for the coming year. But resolutions can be a great way to drive forward plans and goals for your organisation. Come January 1st you should be looking at how your membership management can be improved, how you can work more efficiently and how you can grow your organisation.

Here at PaySubsOnline.com we are already thinking about how we can improve our service to our members come the New Year. So we thought we would help you get started with 5 resolutions you need to keep in 2015. Let us know in the comments section below what your organisation’s resolutions will be.

Identifying Your New Year Goals and Objectives

Having a list of goals and targets for the year ahead is a great way to motivate you to action. Chances are you already have some drawn up for the next 12 months. Whichever dusty drawer you put it in – now is the time to dig it out.

You see the truth is organisations are very good at creating these lists, then simply forgetting about them. You’ve probably held numerous meetings throughout the year to discuss goals and targets, no doubt repeating the very same items as on your now long forgotten list. If you simply tuck this list away and never look at it again, how will you know if you are meeting these objectives?

With every organisation having different needs and objectives, there is no standard list which applies to everyone. So when considering what should go on your New Year resolutions list you need to look at every aspect of your organisation. Look at what could be improved, what isn’t working and targets for the year in terms of new members and fundraising. Don’t be too ambitious though. Make sure you can achieve at least some of your resolutions – it is a great motivator to drive forward with the others.

Finally, keep your list of resolutions somewhere prominent so everyone concerned can see the progress you are making.

5 Resolutions You Need To Keep

So here are 5 resolutions to get you started, or at least provide some inspiration for your own list.

  • Improve Payment Options

When members find it an effort to pay they can become less likely to take action and renew; even to the point where it is easier to cancel their membership or simply let it lapse. For your treasurer too, dealing with membership fees and renewals can be a real headache, requiring hours of admin time and regular trips to the bank.

So make it easy for all concerned and invest in online membership software which will process payments securely online.

  • Improve Member Communications

How many times in the last 12 months have members complained of not receiving important communications? Or even any communications at all? How much of a headache is sending out member communications for all your colleagues as well? Collating letters and emails, posting, filing, and putting up notices for all to see, are all time consuming, requiring planning and numerous resources to complete. Phew!

Make sure everyone receives important communications and make it happen at the touch of a button (well, ok a few buttons) by setting up email software to handle it all for you. Better still, opt for membership management software with integrated email marketing features and improve your administration across the board.

  • Improve Member Engagement

Get your members more involved in organisation activities. Whether it’s attending meetings, fundraisers or recruitment drives, getting members involved will help make your activities more successful and improve your chances of meeting your goals.

Getting members more engaged can be difficult. You’ve probably already discovered many won’t just simply ‘volunteer’ their time. This means you will need to incentivise participation. There are many ways to motivate your members to help – as this blog post suggests. When your members can see the value in helping out and what is ‘in it for them’ they will be more amenable to joining in.

  • Improve Your Membership Management Systems

Still managing your members manually? Struggling to escape from Excel hell? Make 2015 the year you finally switch to an improved membership management solution. If you are still unsure about how such a system can benefit you, give us a call for a demo. In the meantime this blog post will help explain the key features and benefits.

  • Listen To Your members

When was the last time you asked your members for their opinions and thoughts on your organisation? Do you know how satisfied they are with their membership? Do you know if you are offering them real value? Are you experiencing a high turnover of members?

If even one of the above applies then listening to your members has to be one of your resolutions come January 1st. PaySubsOnline.com allows you to send out member wide surveys and collect the results. For more on measuring member opinion, check out this blog post.

Even if your list of resolutions is just a list of one, do something valuable for your organisation and members next year. Whether it’s running member engagement strategies, investing in membership management software or something else, make that one resolution count.

For more on how PaySubsOnline.com can make your New Year Resolutions a reality contact us, sign up for a free trial or download our free eBook which details which membership admin tasks can be done quicker online.


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