12 Ways To Grow Your Membership Database

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Recruiting new members is often one of the hardest parts of running a membership organisation. Coming up with new initiatives and motivating your current members to help out are just some of the challenges you face. In this post we will look at 12 ways you can grow your membership database as well as engage your current members to become proactive in recruiting new members.

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12 Ways to Recruit New Members

1. Allow members to join through your website

Sounds simple but many organisations still ask prospective members to request an application form or download a copy from their website for them to fill in, find their cheque book for the fees and post.  What a faff!  Grab them whilst they are in the mood and make it quick and easy to for them to join with an online registration form that connects to your membership database.  Any good membership database software provider should offer this feature and allow new members to register and pay online quickly and easily.

2. Exclusive member only offers

Incentivise joining by advertising member only offers on your website, social channels and even offline marketing materials.  Perhaps offer a discount for the first year.

3. Market via social media

Use social media to reach out to your members networks and others who may view your pages/channels. Advertise member only offers as above.  Download our free Social Media eBooks that will help you attract and engage members.  Available at the bottom of this article.

4. Use fundraising events to encourage others to join

Include member recruitment in your fundraising events by making application forms available, have someone on hand to answer questions about membership and try to incentivise joining that day.

5. Hold a non-members day

One of the biggest barriers to joining a membership organisation is not knowing anyone. . Hold a non-members day to introduce potential newbies to the other members.

6. Hold a Recruit-A-Friend event with incentives to both parties should their friend join

Leverage your existing member pool and run a recruit-a-friend campaign. Offer prizes or incentives to those who a) recruit a friend and b) those who recruit the most people in one month.

7. Use group email to help promote your club

Use PaySubsOnline.com email features to reach out to people who have enquired about membership in the past or who have signed up for something you offer to non-members, such as email newsletters.

8. Make your committee meeting a social event once or twice a year

Similar to holding a non-members day, by opening up your committee meetings to non-members you can offer insight into what you do. Make these meetings a social occasion with quality refreshments and food, guest speakers and reduced fees for joining that day.

9. Create a corporate program to incentivise local businesses offer membership to their employees

Local businesses can be a great source of finding new members and membership of organisations often looks good on a CV. So consider creating a corporate program whereby employers can offer membership as a company benefit with reduced fees.

10. Lead by example – how many members have you recruited?

Motivation often comes from the top, so if you haven’t tried to recruit new members through your own networks, then consider there may be little motivation for others to do so.

11. Contact past members who left and offer an incentive to rejoin

Members come and go for a number of reasons. Run a report of all past members through your membership database software to identify them, then make contact, discuss why they left and offer an incentive to entice them back.

12. Create a recruitment committee

Don’t shoulder the burden of member recruitment alone. Create a recruitment committee to help brainstorm ideas, organise events and help spread the word about recruitment initiatives.

Don’t get stuck trying the same old recruitment initiatives over and over, especially if the fruits of your labour are disappointing. Sometimes taking a different approach can have surprising results and leveraging those resources you already have can help make any initiative a success.

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