Product Update – January 2014

After the relative calm of the Christmas break, we’ve been hard at it this month working on the new administrators screen (launching Feb – see details at the bottom of this post) plus adding and improving functionality.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

New password process

To further improve security, we’ve made a change to the password process.    The reason for this is two fold:

1) Not all members were changing their system generated password on receipt to a personal one.

2) The system did not differentiate between a system generated password and a personalised password, so when a password reminder was sent, personal passwords were included in the email.

So now:  

  • The system will no longer generate system passwords
  • The option to include a members password in an email has been removed
  • When members go to access their account for the first time, they will be asked to create a password.  When they submit their password, an activation link will be sent to their email address.  Once they click on the link, they will be navigated back to the login page.
  • If a member (or an administrator) forgets their password, upon clicking the ‘Forgot password’ link, they will be asked to generate a new password and go through the process as described above.

As we no longer publish the password field, you may need to adjust the wording of your email templates to take in to account the new process.

New email editor 

We have integrated a new email editor that notably now gives the option to include images in the body of the email.  To include an image click on the ‘Insert image’ button and then ‘Upload’ in the pop-up box:

Upload image

The new email editor is also compatible with tablet devices.

Sending emails to linked members

We’ve added a neat feature (shown below the email editor in the screen shot above) that allows you to choose what happens when sending a group email that includes linked members.  You can now choose whether to:

  • Only send one email – this option prevents the system from sending the same email to all linked members (for example, all family members).  Instead, just the lead member will receive the email.  If the lead member is not in the recipient list then the email will be sent to one of the linked members (chosen alphabetically by first name).
  • Send to all – selecting this option will mean all linked members in the recipient list will receive an email.  This option is useful if you are including field data specific for that member (for example, date of birth).

New field to insert in to email

We have created a new field called ‘Link to member login‘ that can be inserted in to emails.  This field is populated with the link to the member login page when the email is sent (saves having to go to the Admin page, copying and pasting the link in to the email).

Email verification for administrators

When a person is given access rights to any admin feature, they are now required to verify their email address.  The process is:

1) Person is given access rights by the main administrator.

2) An email is sent to that person with a link for them to click and verify their email address.

3) Once the email is clicked the person will be able to access their new admin rights.

If the administrator changes the email address of a person with access rights then the person is required to verify their email address again before they can access the admin features.

If the person changes their own email address, they will be required to verify their new email address.

Accounting period

The accounting period helps you keep track of what’s paid, pending and outstanding for a period of time.  If you don’t keep the accounting period current, recent financial information will be excluded from the payment reports.  This has tripped a few clients up so we’ve now created an alert to make you aware the accounting period has expired.  FYI, the accounting period is set in Admin > Settings.

Coming up

In the next two weeks we will be releasing the new administrator and members login interface.  The new interface is designed to simplify navigation and will provide the framework for us to make improvements so you can get the job done quicker.

For further information on how can help your membership organisation streamline the management of members and money, contact us today on, call +44 (0)1892 771 276 or Skype PaySubsOnline.

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Product Update – November 2013

Help CentreAt we aim to provide the best possible customer service.  To help us help you, we’ve made some major improvements to our help resources and made a change to the support service we provide.  Here’s what we’ve been up to in November:

A new Help Centre

To help you find information easier, we’ve built a new Help Centre.  To access it, click on the HELP icon in your administrators account.  A new page will launch where you can do a Google style text search across all our help articles or delve in to the 4 main categories:

  • Account Setup – information and guidance on common tasks to be undertaken when setting up an account
  • Membership administration – all things member centric including groups, managing member information and sending emails
  • Events – the ins and outs of managing events with
  • Financials – information relating to all things money, from requesting payments to detailed payment reports 

To access the new Help Centre now – click here.

We will be continually adding to the Help Centre so if there is something you need to know and can’t find the answer – get in touch!

The Community

Within the Help Centre is a Community forum where you can submit, review and vote for feature requests, share ideas on how you use the system or submit content for general discussion.  The link for the Community appears at the bottom of the Help Centre home page – or just click here.

We will be adding a comprehensive list of feature requests made over the last year so you can review and vote for your favourites.

Support System

In order that we can provide the best possible service, we’ve introduced a new support system that complements the Help Centre.

You can access the new support system by clicking on the Support Tab on the right hand side of the page.  This will launch a pop-up box that will allow you to submit your question or query.  The system will load any relevant help articles relating to your query and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll find an option to ‘Chat’ to us instantly (when we’re online) or submit a ticket with details of your query.  We aim to respond to your query within 24 hours.

To submit a question outside of the Support Tab, please email

For further information on how can help your membership organisation streamline the management of members and money, contact us today on, call +44 (0)1892 771 276 or Skype PaySubsOnline.

Product update – October 2013

Throughout October, we were busy making major improvements to the Export feature that gives you more control over how you want to extract data from the system.   These changes are now on the live site.  Here’s the detail:

Exporting membership information (Members > Export)

1) You can now determine the order in which fields appear in your exported file.  Simply select the fields for export from the left-hand-side of the page and they will appear in the right-hand pane where you can move them to your preferred order:

Members Export - ordering fields

Read more…

Product update – September 2013

Wow – what a month!  Our busiest yet with thousands of transactions processed and lots of new clients switching to managing their membership and money online with  We spent time supporting our new and existing clients, bug fixing, optimising and in between all of that, managed to make a few improvements and new additions too.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Payment notification email

When a member pays by Debit or Credit card (or PayPal balance), you receive a payment notification from PayPal which contains little or no information about who the payment is from and what it is for.  With GoCardless, no payment notification is issued at all.  Of course, you can see all payments made, along with the detailed payment information, within the payment reports section of Pay Subs Online but for further clarity we have created payment notification emails.

From within Admin > Settings you can now set to receive detailed payment notifications.  The notification can be sent to multiple email addresses and you can tailor the subject header of the email by selecting from the four fields below.  You can also order them to appear in the order you like by dragging and dropping the fields in to place:

New - Payment notification email

The content of the payment notification emails is as follows: Read more…

Direct Debit now LIVE!

After months of development and testing, we’re pleased to announce Direct Debit is now live on

Direct Debit

Our Direct Debit service works unlike traditional Direct Debit that requires bank approval, bonds, guarantees and monthly fees.  Instead, you can quickly and easily set your organisation up as a ‘merchant’ with our Direct Debit partner, GoCardless.

Simply login to your account, go to Admin > Settings and tick the box to receive payments by Direct Debit.  You’ll be prompted to setup a GoCardless account by completing the simple online form and that’s it – you’re ready to start taking Direct Debit!  For more information on setting up a Direct Debit merchant account, click here: Direct Debit Merchant Account Setup

With Direct Debit, members can pre-authorise future payments so each time your organisation requests payment, money gets collected and reconciled automatically so you’ll always get paid on time!  For more information on how pre-authorisation works, click here

Once you have activated your Direct Debit account, the option to pay by Direct Debit will appear on the check-out pages for members to select.    If members opt to pay Direct Debit, they are asked to create a GoCardless account by entering their email address, postal address and bank details (click here for information on what member’s see).  On completion, their payment will appear in the Payment Reports section as ‘Pending’ where it will remain until the funds reach your organisations bank account.  Typical clearing times are 6 days for new Direct Debit agreements and 3 days for each transaction thereafter.

Lower transaction rates

With Direct Debit comes lower transaction rates – our Direct Debit fees are just 2.95% of the transaction value with no fixed fee.  Fees are deducted at the point of transaction so you will receive the net amount directly in to your organisations bank account.

For further information on how can help your membership organisation streamline the management of members and money, contact us today on, call +44 (0)1892 771 276 or Skype PaySubsOnline.

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How to setup a Direct Debit Merchant Account with

For instructions on how to setup a Direct Debit Merchant Account, click here: Direct Debit Merchant Account Setup

For help and support, contact, call +44 (0)1892 771 276 or Skype PaySubsOnline.

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Pre-authorisation explained

With, members can pre-authorise future payments so each time money becomes due, it gets automatically collected from the members, transferred to your organisation and reconciled.

When a member pre-authorises payment, they are authorising your organisation to collect payment for them, and any members linked to them, for any payment request your organisation wants paid online.

Pre-authorising payments is perfect for things like  ‘rolling’ memberships (where the subscription auto-renews), making instalment payments and smaller nominal cash payments (to save the hassle of collecting and banking cash). Read more…


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