Struggling To Organise Member Information? How Membership Database Software Can Help

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The warning signs are there. Slowly you’re descending into organisational chaos. Paperwork fluttering around you with names, addresses and payments merging into one disorganised heap.There’s no-one left to save you. No-one will help you now.

Okay so in reality your voluntary membership organisation is probably much more organised than that. We may have gone a bit over the top there. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve the way you store and look after your members information.

Today we’re sharing with you 5 signs that shows you’re not organising as well as you could be. What’s more, we’ll also show how you can nip those bad habits in the bud and be much more effective in the future.

1. Vital Information Frequently Gets Lost

We all lose things, it’s human nature to forget where the keys are or where we left our wallet. For your role as a membership administrator however, it means you’re not on the ball.

Membership information forms the core of any organisation and if you’re mislaying registration forms, cheques, standing order or Direct Debit forms, it could put your members at risk and cost your organisation money.

You can combat this by storing all of your member information online and hosting it in the cloud. Everything can then be accessed, updated and maintained from multiple mobile devices.

2. Registration Forms Are Incomplete

This is probably the thorn in the side of every membership organisation. You take the time and effort to create detailed registration forms, only to get them returned without all of the fields completed. If this is happening, it’s a sign that you need to try a different approach.

Consider using Here, registration forms can be completed online, meaning no-more paperwork! You can also specify which fields must be completed before the membership database software allows the form to be submitted.

3. You Constantly Have To Chase Up Payments

No-one likes to bug people for money, but if your members aren’t paying their membership fees on time, it’s something you’ll have to grin and bare. Sadly this can lead to bad feelings and people falling out. Who wants to deal with that?

Use a system whereby payment is automatically collected. This completely removes the need for you do any chasing and you’ll have the security of knowing that each membership period will be a smooth, efficient process.

4. Your Filing System Is In Disarray

We can guarantee that at least somewhere, you’ve got a file full of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets for personal details, spreadsheets for payment and spreadsheets for member groups. The problem with spreadsheets is that they can very quickly get really complicated and eventually you’ll either have to email one or print one out.

Love them or loathe them, they can be messy. There is however a solution. At PaySubsOnline, your filing system is in the cloud. Wave goodbye to your spreadsheets and give your club the ability to update, manage and search through your information whenever they want to. The system is easy to use, can be accessed from any mobile device and allows you to set up permissions so only certain people can access certain files.

5. Not All members Know About Important Events

You might print some flyers or advertise an event on your website but how many people will see them? If the turnout at your events is lacking, it’s time you looked at how you promote them.

Sites like Eventbrite can help you advertise and spread the word about key dates on your calendar. However can go one step further, by letting you set-up an event within your membership system so you can easily notify every member on your books and they can register online. Job done!

Now that you know which warning signs to look out for, it’s time to see which of your admin tasks you can do quicker and easier online.  Our free Whitepaper lists all the common admin tasks and details how they can be done off and online.  Download it now:

Whitepaper - Which Membership Admin Tasks Can Be Done Quicker and Easier Online?

What do you think? What ways have you attracted new members. What’s worked or hasn’t worked for you? We’d love to hear in the comments below?


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